February Goals + Mantra of the Month


Time – 2:34 PM

Feeling – Nonchalant? Not sure how to describe my feeling at the current moment

Listening To – People in the office

Missing – The peace and quiet of being at home; how easy school life was (Enjoy the moment if you’re still there; those problems are nothing compared to the “real world”).

Wishing – I was on a yacht or at a hotel relaxing, somewhere I can see and hear the ocean/sea.

Should be Doing – So much work, planning for meetings/fundraisers/blog posts/social time with friends and probably so many other stuff.

Reading – the Bible (when I remember) and *still* We’re Gonna Need More Wine

Talking to – No-one at the moment. Really just want peace and quiet with myself. Or maybe I need a distraction from all these thoughts.

Anticipating – All the “lovely” things that should be happening this month, or just waiting for them to be over.


This Week + February –
(P.S This includes stuff from last month *ugh*)

  • Complete my tasks for Rotaract (obviously never-ending)
  • Write in my journal, my current feelings as well as my 2018 goals
  • Respond to messages and not abandon them
  • Say yes to plans with acquaintances/friends I keep putting off and follow through with other plans (I went out to a work social, and I’ve also been very present at club meetings/activities)
  • Read the Bible everyday (I started couple plans on bible.com, there’s also an app)
  • Keep up with Duolingo (Spanish & French)
  • Read up on hosting and purchase domain (1/2 way, yay)
  • Lay ground work for new ideas
  • Smile more (Ha!)
  • Save Save Save Save!!
  • Sort out my bills from January *Lol*
  • Get a protective style!
  • Get to 450 followers on the blog, 350 followers on IG and 550 followers on Twitter

Looking at it this (January) list was really a joke or maybe I am, because I haven’t kept up with any of these. Don’t think I’m a total fluke though; I actually do some of these things just not everyday or as often as I’d like. Plus, I feel like I’ve been doing other stuff kind of related to these which show my “improvement” in committing to tasks.

Current Mantra/ Affirmation

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 Life can be messy and unpredictable and often times full of disappointments. God gives us exactly what we need in the moments we need them: strength to survive our weaknesses and a sense of freedom when we feel trapped by difficulties. -Floral Watercolor Theme -Different size options available -Frame not included -Instant download high resolution option #icandoallthings #philippians413

“I can do all things through Christ who Strengthens me.” I chose this particular quote because of the direction I’m trying to push my life into. I’m trying as much as possible to have faith and believe in God and that through him all things are possible. Don’t judge me right now or question my beliefs, but especially when things aren’t going your way it’s hard to believe that it’s all for a reason and a purpose.

I’m also using thing quote to get me through all the tasks I’ve decided to take on. There’s rotaract where I’m helping to plan and organize fundraisers; my job where I’m actually managing a project amongst other responsibilities (that I am getting paid to do!); and of course my personal life where I have a blog I want to see grow so much, a hobby/business I want to get into, online courses I’m interested in doing. So so so much. It feels like everyday I get a new idea to pursue something and the discipline and mindset is just not there yet.

This may have been a lot to take in, but I think it’s good to be transparent with you guys and not appear a certain way when in reality I’m not.

If you have any questions, tips, advice or anything to share please feel free to comment below.
What are your goals for this month?

- Aaliyah

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