January Goals + Mantra of the Month

Hey guys, we’re two weeks into January!


Time – 11:15 A.M.

Feeling – Anxious and Content

Listening To – The sound of the fan and the trees blowing outside. It’s actually a pretty gorgeous day and I’m spending it inside #womp.

Missing – My newest friend Nella and also this boy I’ve grown a liking to

Wishing – Things were simple and all my “problems” would just go away. I know they’re probably minuscule to what others may be dealing with, but stilllll

Should be Doing – My work reports, but who does work on a Sunday?

Reading – The Bible and We’re Going to Need More Wine by Gabrielle Union

Thinking – About my goals for 2018 which I have yet to write out from my head, my upcoming trip, paying my debts

Talking to – This boy I mentioned earlier

Anticipating – The joys and blessings of 2018

Loving – The growth of my blog and in extension, myself


This Week + January –

  • Finish my reports for work by Monday afternoon
  • Complete my tasks for Rotaract
  • Write in my journal my 2018 goals
  • Respond to messages and not abandon them
  • Say yes to plans with acquaintances/friends I keep putting off
  • Read the Bible everyday
  • Keep up with Duolingo (Spanish & French)
  • Read up on hosting and purchase domain
  • Lay ground work for new ideas
  • Smile more

Current Mantra/ Affirmation


Too often I’ve seen other people excelling in whatever they do or new things they decide to go after and feel inadequate. I am always doubting myself and thinking I can’t achieve the same things they can or more. Well, it’s time to put an end to that and start believing in myself and all that I have to offer. I have so many ideas and I need to see them come to life this year; step oneBELIEVING IN MYSELF.


What are you goals for the upcoming week?
What is your current mantra/affirmation?
Share with me below!

Stay Tuned

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