Celebrating Success (Especially the Small Wins)

As we get ready to enter the new year most of our efforts are on creating new goals and resolutions for 2018, but what about the ones we made for 2017? Matter of fact before we get into that since life doesn’t always go as planned, what about your surprise achievements this year?

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Did your 2017 live up to the hype?

Did you achieve all that you wanted and more?


As humans I find we’re quick to move on to the next thing/goal and not celebrate what we’ve achieved this in that moment. Now, I’m not talking about birthdays, anniversaries, graduations that type of thing where we actually stop and plan a whole celebration. No, I’m talking about the small stuff.

Each little achievement you make is a success on its own.

I find as we go about making lists of resolutions and goals we only focus on what we want to change. Something that’s been going bad which we need to fix in order to improve. However as the year goes by and good things happen in our lives do we stop and celebrate them enough or keep going? It may even be something that we didn’t plan for but was still an achievement in its own way.

What about those stuff you’ve been putting off for quite some time or kept failing at but now you finally got it. Do you just scratch it off your list like “finally, what’s next“? Or are you actually celebrating the moment and the changes that come with it.

Stopping to celebrate each success will help you create a new mindset for further success

Celebrating your success also changes the way you view yourself. Instead of thinking you’re a failure who hasn’t achieved anything and you’re just trying to be successful, stop and look at what you have done! Heck, it’s okay to brag a little. This is your moment you earned it. Celebrating doesn’t always have to be a big thing, you chose how you want to do it.

My 2017 Accomplishments –

1/ Travelled with my best friend for the first time including riding on the ferry which I’m not a big fan of.

2/ Got my driver’s license after many tries and totally long overdue

3/ Got a new job in my field of study where I also get to use some of my many talents and learn a variety of stuff

4/ Travelled solo to Germany for my first work trip

5/ An increase in my confidence level; from going out and enjoying myself to hosting meetings and conducting presentations.


What were your successes for this year?
Did you celebrate them then or moved onto your next goal?
Any unexpected achievements?

Let me know!



P.S don’t forget to fill out my survey; I’d really love your feedback.

This is post was inspired by a 30 day journal challenge: self-reflection for the new year. Day 1: Success

4 responses to “Celebrating Success (Especially the Small Wins)”

  1. So funny I was just posting about this same topic. I’d say this year I found intermittent fasting and the Keto way of life and it was a unexpected blessing. Great topic! I’ll try to do the survey this weekend.

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  2. So scared of solo trips out of the country! How was the experience? What advice could you give me? And, thank you for participating in the challenge.


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