Protective Styles Szn ~ Braidless Crochet

As you know I’m trying to do more with my hairstyles, so I’m declaring this a protective style season (szn) where I’ll attempt to see how many styles I can do. This was to be done from October to December, but that’s just not happening. So, lets say March 2018 will close season.

I got started in October where I wanted something different for my birthday. I still love my afro but was definitely missing the “long” hair. My first option was a wig, but I just couldn’t settle on one. So one day I was on Instagram going through my feed when someone I knew posted a new picture where she had big, curly hair. I was intrigued at once because I knew she had natural hair and this hair fit her so well. I hopped in her DMs right away and she told me it was crochet hair and she did it herself.

I got even more excited. The fact that it was something new and probably wouldn’t cost as much since I could install it myself. So I ventured to YouTube to see how this was done, and to find the right type of hair. Throughout my search I discovered a new youtuber who was doing countless videos with crochet hair and she was also Jamaican (Caribbean sister, yay).

Now as you know, crochet is usually done like weave where you braid your hair then crochet the hair onto the braid. However, she was doing a totally different method ~ BRAIDLESS CROCHET. My interest kept growing as I can’t braid my hair myself at least not neatly. So you can guess what this hairstyle is –


I watched many YouTube videos using this method, but just preferred her version and how she styled the hair. The first order of business was to get all the materials I would need; hoping my beauty supply store would have them. There are probable five or so stores in my area but I always find myself at Beautyrama and forget to shop around and see the variety each store has.

Hair: Jamaican Bounce Curl
Color: 4 *not my preferred color but it was all they had*
Amount: 3 Packs
Price: US $11/pack *way more expensive than online*
Other: Crochet Needle

So first off, instead of braiding your hair into cornrows you section it into three (3) parts: two in the front and one in the back. I didn’t take a picture of this because I wasn’t looking right! *lol* After you section the hair and place them in bands you can either twist the ends and pin them down or fold over the hair with the band. I did both depending on the length of my hair in the band.

To install the hair you crochet them around the banded hair first then onto the twists you made with the ends. It’s easy to follow the outline and you just have to make sure everywhere is covered. I found myself placing a lot of hair in the back first before doing the front; so make sure you space them out evenly. After putting them in you can open the curls for a fuller look.

Install time: One hour or less (I kept getting up to check on the progress; my little sister installed it for me)

*After installing, cut hair to fit face shape and to your desired length.


Easy/Quick to install
Natural look


Sheds quite a bit
Too dry

Sadly, I only kept this hair in for two weeks but I really appreciated the different look it gave me. My qualms with it was that from the time I took it out of the package I could see how dry it was *probably the brand* and there were no premade loops. It also kept shedding and getting tangled so I had to cut it repeatedly to maintain a decent enough look.

I officially got tired of it and simply took it out. The style I also saw online was a full head with a bang unlike what I did, but I obviously ran out of hair. I also realized later on that there’s a way to do an invisible part so you wouldn’t see where the crochet knots on the part. Anyways, it was a learning experience and I’d know what to do next time!

Yes, I would definitely try the crochet method again but I think I’d go with the traditional way of braiding my hair first. I found that a lot of my own hair was coming out when I took the style down so I wasn’t particularly happy. Also, it felt weird having my hair in bands for that length of time.

Birthday Look #TBT

Have you guys ever done a crochet protective style?
What method did you use?
Are you currently rocking a protective style?
Let me know!!


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