Photo Diary // 48 hours in Bonn, Germany

What I know most of you guys been waiting on, PICTURES. These are just a few shots I took while walking around the city or commuting to and fro the meeting area. It was absolutely stunning seeing all the building designs and just how clean the city looked *like out of a movie*. Sadly, I didn’t capture as much images as I’d like because my phone is low-key trash and I also didn’t want to be seen as that person *snapping everything*.
I also didn’t try a lot of German food, so there’s no take on that.

Hope you enjoy!

Aerial View before landing at Cologne/Bonn Airport


Fall was definitely in the air, the trees changing color was nothing short of breathtaking. The picture on the right is a tram sign alert, so you can know when the next one is arriving. These were very cool to ride on and they run every 5 minutes.

One of the many churches seen on my commute

City views from the UN Campus
Rhine River from the UN Campus


Welcome to the City Center


Bonn is also the birthplace of Beethoven, therefore there’s a statue honoring him located in the city center. His birth house is also a walk away, but I didn’t get the chance to visit. In the background of the picture on the right is a Catholic Church which was very pretty from afar.


Aren’t the buildings gorgeous??

P.S: Bicycles also seem to be a very common mode of transport in this city.

Main transportation area: Trains and Trams
Bus Station to the right

These are pictures of houses/apartments which I admired.


Stay Tuned

6 responses to “Photo Diary // 48 hours in Bonn, Germany”

  1. These are really beautiful pictures! You captured enough to show us what to expect if we were to visit.

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    1. Thank you!! Means a lot xoxo


  2. Amazing post and beautiful photos. Great work,

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