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Hey Guys!!

I can’t believe I’m only posting this now, please forgive me. However, last month I had the opportunity to visit Redonda to participate in a restoration project.

The island of Redonda exists as remnants of an ancient extinct volcano; it is also politically a part of Antigua & Barbuda. It’s currently uninhabited by humans due its nature (no running water, steepness, inaccessible by transport other than helicopters).


BTW this is all a part of my new job, so you can tell how excited I was for this opportunity. The trip was scheduled for a Saturday at 10 a.m. and once everybody arrived we went through an emergency briefing then it was time to go!!

Deep Water Harbor, Antigua


Yepton’s Beach, Antigua
Hawksbill Beach, Antigua


This was my first helicopter ride and it was incredible. I’m afraid of heights and airplane rides usually freak me out, but this was pretty good. It was an easy 20 minute ride and we saw many areas of Antigua that simply look different from above. Doesn’t the water below look inviting?


Finally we’re here! I know it just looks like a clump of rock, but it was pretty amazing visiting the island. It’s currently being restored to its natural state *before the invasive species*


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These birds are very “friendly”? You can get pretty close to snap pictures and they won’t attack you.


Goats used to reside on the island; others which were still alive were transported to Antigua


Galley Bay and Deep Bay in the right corner

2017-09-04 09.18.34Lastly, me strapped in with my life vest around my waist and headset to communicate with the others. The helicopter company also does tours around the island as well as to Montserrat’s volcano.


Hope you enjoyed these few posts!
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