What’s your FUTURE lookin’ like?

Hey guys!!

It’s been a while huh? Well, I’m still here. Work been keeping me busy, and when I’m not doing that it’s a headache to do anything blog related. Finding inspiration to keep going gets difficult at times, but I try my best to continue this journey. Giving up is not an option.

So, let’s get into today’s post *which should also serve as an inspiration*:
What’s your future lookin’ like?

Vision Boardplanning

The point of a vision board is to illustrate visually what you’d like your life to be like in the future. That may include: family, career, travel and other life goals. Pictures may be taken from the internet, magazines and other illustrations you may have at home.

Designing a Vision Board

vision boardImage: Pinterest

If you’d like to make a physical vision board all you’d need is a bulletin/foam board, pictures, adhesive and other decorative items you may desire. Pinterest is definitely your place to check out for ideas and proper planning methods.

I always wanted to make a physical vision board, but like the procrastinator that I am it never came to fruition *yet*. In the mean time I decided to settle with a digital version in which I can place as my laptop background. *In hopes that I may see it everyday and decide to work on something towards achieving those goals*

So one day I was on Adobe illustrator clueless as to what to design, then I decided to finally start this long-awaited vision board.

Digital Vision Board

Just because it’s done digitally doesn’t mean it’s any less of a Vision Board.

You’ll first start off by:

  • Deciding the time period for you board – is it short-term goals (3 months, the current year) or long-term? Maybe a mixture?
  • Finding a theme – you may want to focus on a specific goal as opposed to all your life goals. In this instance you can create multiple, smaller boards and then join them all together.
  • Gathering images/words/phrases from a source which represent your goals; you can also attach affirmations to your board for further inspiration and encouragement.

*P.S you can search for Vision Board Printables online or on pinterest for pretty cool designs you can use.*

Ideas of themes to include on your board include:

  • Relationship goals (friendship, family etc)
  • Finance/Business goals
  • Health/Fitness goals
  • Travel/Passion goals

Below is a picture of the vision board I created in March on my first try. I’m not totally happy with it, so I may revisit it and do some tweaking. As you can see I tried my best to give each theme its own space; the ones I focused on were education, summer fun (carnival) and travel. Good Vibes Only happens to be my motto for the future.

Vision Board

Creating a vision board is all fun and exciting, but IT DOESN’T STOP there. You have to put in the work! Everything you came up with as a goal needs an action plan. Place your board in an area where you’ll see it regularly and be tempted to act on it.

Check out: Motivation Monday #9 // Be a DOER, NOT a DREAMER

To make your summer even more exciting why not have a Vision Board Party???

Collect magazines, foam board, scissors and extra supplies at your local craft store, gather the girls, get some food, wine and enjoy a night of planning for your future.
This can be an inspiring and exciting way to learn more about everyone.

Have you ever created a vision board?
How did it go?
Tell me more!




11 responses to “What’s your FUTURE lookin’ like?”

  1. […] vision boards, this can be done at any time throughout the year. In previous years I created a digital version of a vision board, but this time I wanted to indulge in the feeling of creating a physical board. Let’s get […]


  2. As a visual leaner, vision boards are amazing but I can’t say I’ve made one like this before. Should give it a go!

    Jessica & James | http://www.foodandbaker.co.uk / http://www.foodandbakertravels.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the idea of vision boards, seeing a physical copy of your dreams or wishes is so motivating and I definitely want to make one soon. This post is so useful and I love your positive tone. Thanks for sharing!

    Rumaanah // https://ruminvte.wordpress.com/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem! Happy you enjoyed, good luck when you do 🌸🌸


  4. quirksandqueriesblog Avatar

    I’ve never heard of a vision board until now. What a brilliant idea. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want my life to be like, and this post has come around at just the right time for me. I’m definitely going to make one of these now and hang it in my room to remind me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awesome!! Happy to help 💕🌸


  5. I’ve never made one of these before, but I’ve been seeing a lot about them for the past two days or so. Perhaps it’s time for me to try…

    Thanks for sharing this, it’s bad, but I know I don’t have the motivation to do a physical one yet.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Its a sign girl! Lol I think making a physical one would be more fun and engaging, but at least start at which ever one xox

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I live for a vision board. I created a physical one last year and I’m amazed at the things that I’m able to accomplish and will accomplish.

    Liked by 2 people

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