Let’s Talk: Finding your TRIBE

Hey guyss!!!

It’s Friday, so you know what that means….LET’S TALK!

Took me a while to come up with a topic then I tweeted about my difficulty, and two seconds later it came to me. Finding your tribe…..finding my tribe.

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So what’s a TRIBE and WHY should you find one?

In the simplest of terms a TRIBE is a “distinctive and close-knit group.” It can range from your family to your close friends and even teammates/club members. However, more specifically to me a tribe is your support system – as the quote above says, they help you to be your BEST self.

Yes, all those entities above can be considered a tribe but are they supporting you in the way you need? or is it simply your “tribe” because of convenience?

Don’t get me wrong we all need friends and family for different reasons, but there may be other matters which arise that they simply can’t relate too. In that sense you will definitely have to go out and find your own tribe.

In my case even though I knew what I needed (someone who I could talk to about the blogging world) I was always afraid to make the first contact. I saw so many people I’d love to connect with, but I never knew how to approach them.
How do you guys make friends online, “Blogging Besties“?

Funny enough I discovered someone new on twitter who was just starting a blog and because we’re from the same island I got a little excited about it. When I realized how interesting this could be I really wanted to make contact *I liked the page, followed etc*. Then she made contact *I’m a wimp* and I felt like something clicked at that moment.
P.s you can check her out here –> All About the Scrub Life

I’ve also spent some time searching for a community in which I can fit into. From being on twitter I’ve been a part of various twitter chats and link shares, but they were mainly British based. However, I’m Caribbean based and would love to find our own community.
Can we have our own twitter chats/meetups/seminars etc?

So with all this being said, I guess I’m making my first call for a tribe
*is anybody out there*.
If you know of any lifestyle blogs (travel/food/self-love/mental health/post-grad life etc) let me know!
My blog is mostly about my experiences and wanting to inspire others.

Having a tribe of like-minded individuals on the same mission as you, who can relate to what you’re speaking about, share advice and their stories…..it’s just necessary.

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Are any of you guys a part of a tribe?
How did you meet them?
Any advice/suggestions?







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