Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – “You never say yes to anything.”

Hey Guys!

If you follow me on Instagram you’d know that I finally got two books that have been on my Book List for months now. Well, since I watched GirlBoss on Netflix and got the gist of it I decided to start with Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes.

Even though I’m pretty sure I can read through this book quickly, I decided to take my time with it. Lo and behold the first chapter already brought me inspiration, which is why you’re now reading this.


“You never say yes to anything.” 

Reading this struck a NERVE just as it did for Shonda when she heard her sister to say this to her. I won’t tell you the reasons it did for Shonda as you should read the book, but I’ll tell you my part. As I get older and look back on my life I find myself regretting a few things which resulted in missed opportunities. Whenever I got invited out or to participate in activities I’d always find an excuse to decline out of fear. Heck, to this day I’m still declining what could be opportunities for me.

Funny thing about reading this line was the day before my best friend asked me if I wanted to participate in something, and instead of jumping at the opportunity I had a dozen questions. I wanted to say yes (I did) but I needed to know the details to prepare myself mentally.

Let’s face it, saying yes can be SCARY!! But it’s NECESSARY!!


Before I even got this book I had decided that this year would be my “Yes Year” and my “Year of Firsts”, but obviously I’m all talk (It’s easier said than done).

However, I need y’all to be better than me or let’s try it together from here on out. It’s practically June, half way through the year let’s make the next six months great. Let’s take up the challenge to say yes to the things which scare us and see what the outcome is. 

Saying Yes to everything is the gateway out of your comfort zone.

You’ll never know unless you try it, and I KNOW you don’t want to be living with regrets when your older.

2014 is our year. #2014 #NewYearsResolutions:

Nothing Is Worse Than Missing An Opportunity That Could Have Changed Your Life - Opportunity Quote:

Who’s with me?!



10 responses to “Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – “You never say yes to anything.””

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  2. I feel like I say yes too often

    How do I say no lol ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, better learn too because that could become a problem.

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. […] plus pushing me to share my inspiration. *It’s a darn good book!* It started with “You never say yes to anything” and here we are now being urged to “Ditch the dream; be a DOER, not a […]


  5. Kanye West Indies Avatar
    Kanye West Indies

    Awesome! I’ll be on your tail about this to ensure you follow thru 😘


  6. YES! Thanks for the inspo giril! 🙂
    x finja |

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    1. You’re welcome dear!! 🌸💕


  7. I love this! It’s so important for us to say yes, throw ourselves into the unknown – out of our comfort zones – & do things we’ve never done before, things we may never have even dreamed of doing, because we’ll learn so much (about ourselves, too). But it can be sooooo scary. Honestly, I find that it’s all about our mindsets. If we tell ourselves we can do it, then we can (easier said than done, I know), but you can say yes, you really really can! Of course we should start saying yes to smaller things first, baby steps, but every step is moving forward! Lots of love xxx

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    1. Thank you!! I agree, baby steps 💕🌸


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