Lunch Date: Ana’s on the Beach, Antigua

Hey Guys!!

We’re already in the third week of May which means that SUMMER is close. My motto for this year is “Good Vibes Only“; no time for “bad vibes” or anything negative. So, one of my good friends came home to Antigua for the week and before he left I wanted to spend a little time with him. We went out on Friday for drinks and other shenanigans then decided to chill on Saturday for lunch.

After much deliberation we settled for Ana’s on the Beach.

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Located at Dickenson Bay (less than 15 mins from the city) Ana’s boasts as a luxury lounge restaurant as well as art gallery. There are many options on the menu featuring Meditterean and Caribbean dishes; as well as a “shore menu” with bite sized options in which you can enjoy on the beach.

Along with the wide variety of food, there’s an extensive drink/wine list available to choose your poison from (Got it? lol). Each day of the week also has their very own special cocktail; our day of the week, Saturday featured “Beach Waves“. It was a mixture of Vodka, Peach Liqueur, Grenadine and Orange Juice (i think!). It was pretty good tho, wish it came with free refills.


For lunch we decided to keep it simple and order from the shore menu and appetizers section. My choice was the Deep Fried Calamari which I absolutely love, while my friends had Ribs and Wings with French Fries.


My calamari was awesome, but I really wish they’d go light on the pieces with tentacles and heavy on the ring-like ones. Good none-the-less. As for the other options….not so good. The advertised food and what we got were totally different; the ribs definitely weren’t “baby back” and the wings weren’t barbecued. The ribs were also tough and as my friend described it – “tasted like it was from an old cow” (lol) and the wings were pretty dry.

I guess the atmosphere made up for the shortcomings of the food. We had quite a few laughs and chit chats making the vibes pretty chill.


There are many different seating arrangements at Ana’s, from the bar deck to the lounge area, regular restaurant seating and even cabanas right next to the shore.


All in all it was a pretty nice day out for me and I’d definitely return once I have some more money to spend. The menu items do get a little bit pricey, but I’d like to check out their other options (drinks included) and hope they’re better.

Restaurant Rating:

Food: 3 / 5
Drinks: 4 / 5
Service: 3 / 5
Venue: 5 / 5
Price: $$ – $$$$

Did you eat out anywhere this weekend?


1 – Awful (Would not return)
2 – Okayish (Only if there is no other option)
3 – Satisfied
4 – Good (Would return)
5 – Awesome (One of my favorites)

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