5 Things To Do In Montserrat

As promised, here is my third post in relation to my travel weekend for Easter (First, Second). Known as The Emerald isle of the Caribbean, Montserrat provides nothing but lush surroundings, perfect for relaxing or exploring. These are five activities I would suggest to keep you active during your stay. However, I’m pretty sure you can find many others around the island.



This has to be the number one attraction on your list, because what else do adventurers come here for? Soufriere Hills is an active stratovolcano located in the south of the island. It’s first eruption since being dormant was 1995 which wiped out much of the southern island including its capital (Plymouth), airport and popular towns. Its most recent activity was 2010 which affected what remains of Plymouth along with the eastern side of the island.

Although most of the area is restricted from individuals via warning signs (it is an exclusion zone) there are various other points you can view the volcano from. One of the most popular ones is Jack Boy Hill lookout, which is also a chill spot with microscopes to view the volcano. *Hopefully you get it on a clear day*. There’s also an observatory center (MVO) in which you can visit and most likely tour.


Montserrat has a very hilly terrain so there are lots of trails to hike resulting in different views of the island. There are easy trails as well as difficult ones for more experienced hikers. Trails are marked so you’re free to complete them on your own or you can call up a tour guide to assist you. Good thing about a tour guide is the benefit of learning about the sights along the trail.


A perfect way to see the many different terrains situated on the island. There are bat caves, blowholes and even a new way to see remnants of the volcano. If you’re lucky you may even spot a few dolphins or sea turtles along the way.

From the Northern part of the island where most activity is situated you can see an islet known as Redonda as well as Nevis in the distance. When you travel around the Eastern end Antigua can be seen in the distance.

to do


There many different small-scale bars located around the island; this is a good way to interact with locals and get to know their culture a little bit. They also serve food at these bars; from burger and fries, wings to even local dishes so that’s a plus.


Another must do! Have you ever walked on a black sand beach or even seen one? Well, on the island of Montserrat that’s all you’d see, and not to fear because the water is still crystal clear. The most popular beach is little bay where there are restaurants/bars nearby.


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