Let’s Talk: Understanding Relationships

Friendships…..Relationships….. Situationships……. I’m in a shipppp guys

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So besides my ‘Lessons learned from my Exes‘ post I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about relationships on here. Which by the way it doesn’t seem like I learned anything, but also because it’s a touchy/complicated thing for me.

However, Let’s talk!

First off, I think we need a definition of “relationship” because maybe I don’t know what it is.

Merriam-Webster dictionary –
a :  a state of affairs existing between those having relations or dealings – had a good relationship with his family
b :  a romantic or passionate attachment

Cambridge dictionary –
a :
The way in which two or more people feel and behave towards each other: He has a very good relationship with his uncle.
b : a close romantic friendship between two people, often a sexual one: Have you had any serious relationships in the past year?

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Continuing, apparently a “situationship” is a relationship without a title; a pseudo-relationship. Technically still a relationship right? Titles or not you still have a connection with someone and to me that’s supposed to count for something. So even if you’re still technically single and want to date other people, shouldn’t you have the courtesy/decency to relay that to the person you’re currently dating?

The dating/relationship trend of the current generation is so confusing, and why did I get caught in it? But can I still blame this generation if I’ve dated outside of my generation? So maybe I should say these current times? Did the times really change? It’s not exactly new to see families where siblings may have different parents or friend’s parents who aren’t married. So has committment always been a problem for *some* humans?

Is it foolish of me for wanting to date one person, fall in love, have children etc and they’re all and only for me? Is that crazy? Is that totally rare? Is it just something you’re supposed to accept that you’re “other” half will have someone else? Do you believe in soul mates? What if your soul mate is also someone else’s soul mate? How does that work?

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Does all this relate back to monogamy and polygamy? Are we animals? After all, I did science and if you believe in evolution etc I guess, but we are a species. So is it fair enough to explain our attraction/need for different mates as such? Now I want to get into psychology and sociology to understand human behavior; this is all too much.

I just want exclusivity! There has to be other males out there who want the same thing as well. Okay, I’m done rambling now.

What are your thoughts on relationships? The current dating trend or anything I mentioned above? Let me know in the comments! 



7 responses to “Let’s Talk: Understanding Relationships”

  1. Well I think relationships (real relationships) are only for the mature. I follow you on Twitter and you seem young, around 18-20. So ppl our age aren’t willing to do the whole commitment thing yet. however some guys are, they will come around. also I think a situationship is just as good as an actual titled relationship, if parties are mature and communicate well.


  2. I agree with the above. This question has been coming up a lot during the course of my project! Very interesting to hear people’s responses.

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  3. I feel like relationships are tricky. We cannot really define them individually – we define them with our partners. I have been in a relationship with my current partner for 4 years now and to us “relationship” merely means being with a person who gets you, someone you are comfortable with and someone you just want to be with when you are having a bad day oooor a good day.

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