Anxiety = My Life

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First off, I haven’t actually been diagnosed with anxiety by a professional. However it’s the only way to explain my life. For as long as I’ve known myself fear has been a part of me therefore causing anxiety.

There’s the fear of heights – what if I fall? Fear of flying – what if the plane crashes? Fear of enclosed spaces – what if i get trapped? Fear of speaking in front of a crowd – what if they don’t like me? what if they laugh at me? It was always something and trust me to have a ‘what if’ question.

Why was I like this? What made me this way?

But that wasn’t all.

A part from ALL the thoughts I would have headaches, my hands would shake, palms sweaty, fidgeting, nauseous and I’d feel like my heart was about to pop out of my chest (basically a panic attack). These were the worst feelings ever, but they only happened on some occasions. Oh yeah, I’d also feel like breaking down in tears because I can’t believe something so simple had me reacting this way.

That’s the thing about it, the problem could appear minuscule or it wouldn’t even be present at that very moment but the anxiety is still there. It’s hard to explain when you don’t even understand it yourself. Another sad thing about it is, when you try to explain your feelings to someone and they label you as “crazy”,”looking for attention” or “always worried about something”. I assure you it’s not something you can control or feelings that you asked for.

I eventually had to make the conscious decision of not letting anxiety take over my life. After all, I have dreams and goals; I want to travel the world, explore different places and be able to present in front of large crowds.

For now, my way of coping is self-talk; I try to counteract all the negative talks with positives ones. Pushing myself to believe that everything will be okay and the universe isn’t out to get me. So try your best to stop thinking of the negative outcomes and ‘what ifs’ and imagine the positives that could result *easier said than done, I know*.

When I sense a panic attack coming on, like I feel I’ve lost control of my surroundings I try to remember where I am. It’s like a grounding exercise to regain control and know that the world isn’t ending. I take long, slow deep breaths along with my self-talk in attempts to steady my heartbeats. Every time I exhale I think of a piece of worry being let go.

However, looking back on primary (elementary) schooldays to now it has gotten better. I have slight panic attacks on occasions but I feel more confident about myself now and handling them. It also helps to think less of what you believe others are thinking about you and just do your own thing. Remember: You can’t let anxiety run YOUR life. P.S:

Be gentle. Inspiring #quotes and #affirmations by Calm Down Now, an empowering mobile app for overcoming anxiety. For iOS: For Android:

Do you suffer from anxiety? What are your coping mechanisms?





9 responses to “Anxiety = My Life”

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  3. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and it is a horrible thing. I’m glad you are finding ways to cope with it and not let it control your life. I also have some posts about how I deal with my anxiety if you would like to check them out. xx

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    1. Will do! Thanks for stopping by xo

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  4. Anxiety is horrendous, and I don’t believe anyone can tell you how to deal with it, every single person is different with various triggers, but all equally awful to have to experience. I’m sorry that you’ve been struggling! I try nowadays to simply remind myself that ‘there is no point in worrying’ so simple, and perhaps silly, but a lot of the things that cause me anxiety are totally out of my control anyway, and worrying about them isn’t going to stop whatever is going to happen from happening. It’s just a case of being kinder to yourself and learning how to look after your mind.

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    1. I totally agree, just need to stop worrying about the things I have no control over. Thanks for reading xo


  5. Great read. Just like you I have not been diagnosed with anxiety. I can worry about something for so long (I mean days) but I’ve learning breathing slowly helps and so does praising a higher being I believe in. When I praise Him, I feel all types of happy. I’m glad you found coping mechanism and can one day be free from anxiety altogether. 💕

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    1. Thank you, I hope the same for you. 🌸

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