How to get out of a FUNK

Hey Guys!

Don’t you wish you could be happy every day? 365 days, 24/7 all happiness. I know that would be great, but sometimes it’s not that easy. Something is bound to come and mess your happiness up. However, those slight moods may be easier to come out of, but on other days it’s not. It may take a while to be back to normal depending on the situation.

According to the Urban Dictionary “FUNK” is defined as a depressed mood. To me it’s those times where you don’t feel like talking to anyone or when nothing excites you and you just feel useless. Since I have these moods once in a while I’ve found that these tips helped me out and brought me around.


1. Spend some time outdoors – Take a break from your usual surroundings and go outside and get some fresh air. Listen to the sounds around you and begin to relax. Be happy that you still have life and are able to appreciate these small things.


2. While you’re outdoors consider taking a walk – go to the beach or park just relax. The beach is a nice place to enjoy some alone time and it will definitely brighten your mood.


3. Read a Book –  use your imagination and get lost elsewhere. I love reading for the escape it gives you as you’re wrapped up in another world. I’m currently reading The Girl in the Box: Untouched by Robert J Crane.

Image result for dj private ryan soca brainwash 2017

4. Listen to Music – my go to is Soca. There’s no way you can listen to it and not move. My current obsession is the latest release from Dj Private Ryan with 2017 Soca songs for Trinidad’s Carnival.


If you’re in a funk or ever get into one hope one of these tips will help you out. If you’ve ever been in one, what are some the ways you use to get out of that mood?


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