Motivation Mondays // Mini Life Update

Great things never come from comfort zones.:

As my third and last month of my internship gradually comes to an end I just want to take some time to reflect. Never in a thousand years would I have seen myself working in the oil industry; going through university that’s all everyone thought would be your end job given my major.

I graduated university with a BSc in Geosciences with a concentration in Environmental Science. That’s a pretty broad field if you ask me – Water/Waste management, Environmental Chemistry, GIS, ecology, etc etc and the obvious the Petroleum Industry. However, for me oil just wasn’t an option *due to the health hazards and safety risks*.

I’ve now come to realize that each profession probably poses a hazard/risk at some point and where’s the fun in living life based on fear? As I returned home my options for employment related to my field drastically got smaller, because of this I had no choice but to bite the bullet and apply everywhere. At this point I was in a mindset where I was ready to accept anything thrown at me.

Sometime mid October I received a call from one of the major companies on island for temporary employment. I was happy yet scared. It was for an oil company in the position of a laboratory analyst. This was a whole new step for me; a different direction than what I ever planned in my life.

I knew nothing about petroleum products because I avoided all courses pertaining to such, but I did have laboratory experience. My first two weeks were my training period a.k.a an information overload period. They tried to educate me on everything all at once and this was probably my most frustrating time spent here.

As we draw nearer to the end I’m really happy that I was granted this opportunity. I learnt so much more than I previously knew and it opened my mind to new ventures. I’ve also met and interacted with new people; the person I felt most drawn to however is my supervisor. He’s so well versed on all topics that he’s been an inspiration to me along the way.

The point in all this is you never know which way your life may go.
You can have the world of plans but God still has a plan for you and it may just be different.
Don’t be afraid of the unknown for just like me you never know if you’d like it or not. Always say yes and be grateful for new opportunities.
I hope and pray that the company extends my time with them and until then ……

Remain open to new experiences and take a chance on your life

You are strong:

Stay Tuned

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