Local Food // Caribbean Style

“Local” – relating or restricted to a particular area or one’s neighborhood

For this week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge was ‘Local’; they asked us to show what home means to us, and where our hearts lay. The first thing I could think of when I heard the word ‘local’ was FOOD.

Food in the Caribbean is VERY different to that of America and other places around the world. Of course each island has something different that they specialize in, however regionally we carry almost the same products.

As mentioned in a previous post (In my Kitchen // Roast Whole Chicken ) Sunday dinners are usually a big thing, but so is breakfast.

Let’s just say Sundays are for plenty cooking.


Pictured above is only 1/4 of what would make up the plate for Sunday breakfast; unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of the whole meal. Here we have pumpkin fritters and stewed salt fish (cod-fish). The rest of the menu includes: chop-up (a mash of okra,pumpkin, eggplant, and spinach), boiled eggs, fried plantain, salad, wood-oven bread and a slice of avocado (pear).


Above is a picture of another meal prepared mostly around our independence time. As you can see stewed salt fish is a staple, and we also have spinach, banana fritters, conch fritters, and ducana. Ducana is a local dish made from grated sweet potato and coconut rolled into the form of a dumpling.


Another Local dish which I thoroughly enjoy is Chicken Pumpkin Soup. My grandmother used to make this every Wednesday, so I definitely fell in love. It includes chicken, pumpkin, carrots, potato, macaroni, and an array of seasonings to give it the fantastic taste.

What are some local dishes from your island/country/city/town? I always love trying new things. 🙂


Stay Tuned


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