To be Young & Twenty

I recently came across a blog titled Young and Twenty and thought it to be pretty cool. Therefore, taking the title of the blog I decided to make it into my own post since I’m currently within that age group. So here it goes….

I remember what it was like being a teenager and the excitement in becoming an adult. When I say “adult” I’m referring to the young adults, those in their twenties. They made everything look so cool; like they had their shit together, but still time for fun. No-one seemed to bother with them and everything appeared simple.

Entering your twenties for the first is like “Yay, I’m 20, I’m grown.” Then it’s the I can’t wait to be 21 – going to clubs without getting a huge X on your hand; purchasing your own alcoholic drink at a restaurant, and flashing the waitress your I.D. After that I think the next big event is turning 25, a quarter century. You made it! These are all special moments in growing up brought upon us due to mainstream media.

Who determined the importance of these days?

However, I’m here to talk about what being young and twenty means to me.

I’m a newbie to the twenties era.

I’m twenty-one years old, and what have I accomplished at this grand age?

First off I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Geosciences, but I’m also unemployed; well as it relates to my field, but I’m currently working in sales for the time being. In the near future I plan on returning to school for my masters degree.

I’ve been to 10 different countries, and 5 different states (USA). Doesn’t sound like much and most of them were all accompanied by my parents on vacations, so they weren’t soul-searching trips. However, moving away and living in Texas for three years really showed me a lot about myself. Although I’m pretty certain there’s more to find out; I hope to achieve this by doing some travelling on my own or with a close friend.

I didn’t find the love of my life in college, but I’m sure there’s more than enough time for that.

Apart from all that, being young and twenty simply means enjoying life as it comes, but at the same time figuring out exactly how I want to spend my upcoming years. I have an idea of what I want to do, and who I want to be but I’m just at the stage where I have to let go of the fears and pursue those dreams.

Now what other mainstream accomplishment are you supposed to achieve in your 20s?

However you want to see it, don’t fall a victim to it.
The twenties might seem like a stressful decade because it’s the stage between adulthood and teen but don’t worry, everything will work out.
At least I have hope that it will.

welcome to your 20s

What does it mean to be young and twenty for you?

After much revision I decided to submit my post onto the site, you can read the edited version here. While you’re at it check out the other posts.

Stay Tuned

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