Let’s go Cruisin’ – Carnival Ecstasy

As you know I recently graduated college, and as a treat my family decided to take me on a cruise. I probably wasn’t as excited as I should’ve been, because this wasn’t my first cruise. It was my third! However, I was looking forward to it, because it also meant 5 days without cleaning, cooking, and all the other hassles of everyday life.

So the day right after I graduated I was on a plane to Miami, Florida to catch my cruise (Carnival Ecstasy) on Monday 14th December. We left Texas at 10:00 a.m. and even though some may say that was not too early, I was miserable. After all my graduation party was the night before, and I also thought that I could pack after that. Take note I left the party at 5:00 a.m. However my mood soon changed once I got food, and went shopping. 

Monday, 14th December: Cruisin’ Time!


We departed Port of Miami at 4:30 p.m. right after our emergency demonstrations. It was smooth sailing as we were serenaded by the cruise ship’s DJ for the sail away party. The above picture was taken from the top deck with a hint of Miami’s skyline in the background.

Tuesday 15th December: Our First Stop – Key West, Florida


Key West, Florida known as the “Conch Republic” was our first stop. First off it was hot! Made me feel like I was in Texas for the Summer. Also, we mostly walked around downtown and explored the city. For more adventurous folks there were a lot of options to go water skiing, parasailing, and other water sports. We mainly bought souvenirs then headed back on the ship to relax.

Wednesday 16th December:Cozumel, Mexico


We arrived in Mexico at 1:30 p.m. and practically did the same thing as in Key West: Shop for souvenirs! And of course take lots of pictures. Beers in Cozumel were also only $1.00! (They didn’t even ask for I.D.) It wasn’t the first time we’ve been to this area, so it wasn’t anything to new to see.

As you’ve guessed we weren’t really the exploring type to venture outside of the cruise ship ports. My mom’s logic was we already paid for the cruise, where we get food, drinks, etc why spend money on land? However, if I was traveling with my friends i’d probably want to explore everywhere, and learn more about each place.

Thursday was a day we spent on water; they called it “Fun at Sea”, however, that day I had a horrible case of sea sickness. The water was probably rough traveling back to Miami than when we left. Thankfully they had everything on the ship, and I got tablets from the medical center.

It was a great trip, because I also got to try foods I’ve never had before. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictured, but for the first time I had Fried Alligator, Escargots, and Duck. The duck was good, alligator a bit chewy, and the snails tasted like mushrooms! I’m a wannabe foodie so I was eating everything on that ship. It was also one of the few times I actually had breakfast 4 days in a row.

The only thing i’d suggest to the cruise is to include another port of call! We passed so many areas that had potential, plus we were on water for so long. But, cruises are always a good option for vacation, room, food etc all paid for in one.

P.S. Featured image are compliments carnival.com

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