Let’s Talk: Time

Hey Guys!! Are we really half way through May? *Well technically more than half.* Am I the only one who feels like 2017 is zooming by? It honestly feels like so much has happened and frightening to know that more is still to come. Time is a funny subject. “Everything takes time.” “Time waits on…

Daily Reminder

Hey Guys!! Today I wasn’t really feeling myself and decided to find an old journal I had to review the pages. It’s a journal from 2014 when I was just getting into the process of blogging/finding myself. I wrote a lot about different things happening in my life along with my goals for upcoming years….

Time Wasted

All these thoughts, how many? Countless. All these dreams, how many? Countless. All these wishes, how many? Countless. That’s how much time I spent on you. Countless. Limitless. Numerous. Time, which cannot be regained; Dreaming, wishing, thinking what if? Before I realized you weren’t worth it. Daily Prompt