Protective Style + Hair Update

Hey Guys!

I’ve really been delaying this post for quite some time. Truth is, I’ve just been lazy and not in the mood to write. However, I’m forcing myself to get it done because “discipline“. If you’re an OG (original) follower you would have seen that I had a strict schedule of posting on Sundays & Wednesdays. Somehow, that changed and I can barely post once a week. Nonetheless, what’s been up with my hair?

I may have mentioned before how much of a task my hair is to deal with. It’s been even harder to retain moisture especially living in a tropical environment. During the summer I decided to make my load easier by doing a protective style, so I tried out faux locs for the first time. After taking them out I still wasn’t in the mood to deal with my hair so, a week later it was time for another protective style!


Protective Style

For this protective style I decided on Bob Braids. The longer braids usually keep me hot, and it’s difficult to tie up for sleeping/showering. I got this style from Pinterest, but it’s also quite popular on IG from a girl who does faux locs. Originally I wanted to incorporate grey/silver hair in my braids, as well as purple rubber bands on the ends. However, I wasn’t sure how “professional” it would have been in a work setting. I was also scheduled to travel for work the following week. Continue reading “Protective Style + Hair Update”

Bye Bye Creamy Crack – I Big Chopped

Heyyyy Guys!!

Last month I finally came to the decision to say bye bye to the creamy crack.

For those of you that don’t know, “creamy crack” refers to the substance used to relax/straighten your hair. Growing up my natural hair was extremely hard to maintain, so my mom decided that for the beginning of high school I was going to get my hair straightened. This made it easier on her as I could now comb and be in control of my own hair.

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