Feature: Contemporary Art with Kendra

Hey Guys! It's the end of another month, let's welcome our newest feature: Ms. Kendra Davis. Read on to find out more about this awesome young lady, and how she makes the best use of her talents! As always, remember to spread the love (like, comment, share). Reading Time: ~ 5 mins Meet Kendra, I’m a … Continue reading Feature: Contemporary Art with Kendra

Friendships | Experiencing Different Love Languages

Hey Guys! I'm back again with another Friendship post, this time we're discussing Love Languages. Love languages are basically the best way you receive love as well as show it; not everyone "speaks" the same language. You may think you’re showing love in one way, but it actually doesn’t resonate with your friend that way. … Continue reading Friendships | Experiencing Different Love Languages

Two Major Ways to Stay Out of the Comparison Trap

Hey Guys! I had doubts writing this post because I didn't want to sound like a stick record or too cliché. This topic is one that has been spoken about CONSTANTLY. Yet, we still do it. Why is it so easy for us to slip into this behavior of comparing ourselves to others? I fell into … Continue reading Two Major Ways to Stay Out of the Comparison Trap

Debating Graduate School: The When, Where, How?

Hey Guys! Soooo December will make it THREE years since I graduated university. Damn, it seems pretty long and if we even begin to look at the plans I made back then we'd all have a hearty laugh. Anyway, that's not the point of this post so moving on. Based on the topic of the … Continue reading Debating Graduate School: The When, Where, How?