ATBA Travels | 4 Hours in Philly, PA

Hey guys! *cues Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's theme song* .........Β I went to Philly y'all! Who goes to a whole other state just to have lunch?!? Okay, we didn't go solely for lunch, but our time spent here was short compared to NYC. If you caught my last post, 8 hours in NYC you'd also realize… Continue reading ATBA Travels | 4 Hours in Philly, PA

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Eat Outs // Garden Grill

Hey Guys!!! Happy Tuesday, I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. Since I returned home last summer I made a list of restaurants I'd love to visit.Β Well, one year later I finally made it to one of my top places. Garden Grill Located at Dutchman's Bay near the airport, Garden Grill serves as a rather… Continue reading Eat Outs // Garden Grill

Food Spots

Lunch Date: Ana’s on the Beach, Antigua

Hey Guys!! We're already in the third week of May which means that SUMMER is close. My motto for this year is "Good Vibes Only"; no time for "bad vibes" or anything negative. So, one of my good friends came home to Antigua for the week and before he left I wanted to spend a… Continue reading Lunch Date: Ana’s on the Beach, Antigua