How Words Can Shape Your Life

Your words are extremely powerful, be careful of what you say. One of the four agreements and the most important, is to be impeccable with your word. … More How Words Can Shape Your Life

Finding your TRIBE | Sharing My Story & 4 Tips to Help

Hey Friends! How has it been? I know things were a little rough these last few weeks and hopefully the “end” is near. Now more than ever we value the friendships we’ve built, whom we can turn to for support. A sense of community even greater than friendships where we can all share our experiences … More Finding your TRIBE | Sharing My Story & 4 Tips to Help

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – “You never say yes to anything.”

Hey Guys! If you follow me on Instagram you’d know that I finally got two books that have been on my Book List for months now. Well, since I watched GirlBoss on Netflix and got the gist of it I decided to start with Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. Even though I’m pretty sure … More Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – “You never say yes to anything.”

Outgrowing Friendships

Hey guys! Last week we started talking about Relationships, dating, situationships etc this week it’s  all about OUTGROWING FRIENDSHIPS. How many of you still have the same best friend from primary (elementary) or high school? Firstly, nothing is wrong with that and kudos to you. However, if you’re like me you probably don’t and that’s fine too! … More Outgrowing Friendships

Let’s Talk: Understanding Relationships

Friendships…..Relationships….. Situationships……. I’m in a shipppp guys So besides my ‘Lessons learned from my Exes‘ post I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about relationships on here. Which by the way it doesn’t seem like I learned anything, but also because it’s a touchy/complicated thing for me. However, Let’s talk! First off, I think we need … More Let’s Talk: Understanding Relationships

Journey to Self-Love

Hey Loves!! Lately the idea of “self-love“ has been prevalent in today’s society from music to movies and even advice given to one another. How often have you heard “If you don’t love yourself, how do you expect someone else to?” or “go love yourself girl or nobody else will?” But what exactly is “self-love“? I … More Journey to Self-Love