Good Vibes Corner: Spreading Kindness Everywhere You Go

Happy Sunday Guys! Just a quick reminder: in a world full of hate, negativity, badmind, and any other evil forces, don’t add to it. Instead, rise above and be kind to each other. Don’t wait for someone else to show you kindness before you do. We need more good energy in the world. WHEN YOU CAN’T FIND THE SUNSHINE, BE THE SUNSHINE Here are a … Continue reading Good Vibes Corner: Spreading Kindness Everywhere You Go

The Happy Wave Project [Free Printable Included]

As I opened the page to write a new post I got a weird sense of Deja Vu, like I’ve definitely wrote what I’m writing now before. So I opened a new tab and did a quick search of my previous blog posts; lo and behold there it is: Hey April. In that post I spoke about wanting to start a 30 days of Happiness challenge, and oddly enough that was on my mind for the last week. How coincidental that these ideas both came about at the beginning of April? So yes I’ll be trying this again and here we go.



It’s really simple, for the month of April I want everyone to just share some happy vibes everyday. It doesn’t matter how, it’s just important that you do. To hold yourself accountable or to also inspire others share your story on Twitter or Instagram with #TheHappyWave.

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Things to be HAPPY about // A-Z Gratitude Challenge

Hey Guys!

It’s the last day of May and before we enter June, *half way through 2017, whoa* I just want to take a moment and recognize all the things I have to be thankful/happy for. So here’s a little alphabet challenge:

A-Z Gratitude Challenge:

A – Art; the only way I know how to express myself, whether it’s writing, drawing, painting, or creating

B – Blogging + Books; I’m happy to have found an outlet where I can share my thoughts and inspire people. For writers who also have the power of inspiring others and spreading their wisdom through books.

C – Carnival; A Caribbean festival which happens in the Summer for our island (Antigua). The first time I participated in the parade wearing a costume it felt magical. I love this experience! * can’t wait to do it in other parts of the region/world* Continue reading “Things to be HAPPY about // A-Z Gratitude Challenge”

Explore SoFlo, Take 2

Ali, Ali, Ali the explorer!
Grab your backpacks!
Let’s Go!
Jump in!

So after I showed my mom how I spent one of my last days she ended up calling me an explorer. Which resulted in me thinking of Β Dora, the explorer hence the opening (lol I’m lame like that).

Anyway part two of my series (and sadly the last for a while) “Explore SoFlo” includes me going bike riding along Hollywood beach boardwalk, visiting BurgerFi and Ben & Jerry’s. It may just be my very first fun-filled day, and I was so close to canceling on my friend. Everything was last-minute and basically planned by me googling stuff to do in the area. (S/O to Google!)

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