3 Ways to Use Aloe Vera on Natural Hair

Hey Guys!! As you know I have 4C hair and it's extremely difficult for me to find products which give me moisture and also help to retain that moisture. I've heard about all the good properties of aloe vera but never actually tried it for myself. Β As the last straw (since majority of my products… Continue reading 3 Ways to Use Aloe Vera on Natural Hair


September Roundup + October Goals

Hey Guys! The months have been flying by so quickly that I haven't been able to keep up with these monthly highlights/goals posts. Anyway, I decided to join these two posts together and get rid of the "Currently" I am section. Hopefully this would make it easier and I'd be able to remain consistent. Take… Continue reading September Roundup + October Goals


Wash Day + TwistOuts ft. New Hair Products

Hey Guys! It's been a long while, however I'm back with a review on some new products I finally got to try. In case you didn't know between last month and earlier this month, I was rocking a protective style - Faux Locs. Since then, I've washed and deep conditioned my hair a few times… Continue reading Wash Day + TwistOuts ft. New Hair Products


Protective Style: DIY Faux Locs

Hey Guys, Last week I decided to do something different with my hair, as it's summer and it needed to be tucked away. My final choice was Faux Locs. It's a style I've been wanting to try for a while now, but never got around to it until recently. Knowing others who previously got the… Continue reading Protective Style: DIY Faux Locs


Wash Day ft. Aunt Jackie’s Products

Hey Guys!! I'm finally back with another natural hair post! This time it involves wash day with a brand of products I've been dying to try. When I first started this journey I was of the belief that I wouldn't become a product junkie, but watching all these videos and reading different blogs it's hard… Continue reading Wash Day ft. Aunt Jackie’s Products


Twist-Outs ft. Taliah Waajid

Hey Guys! Ya'll since my hair got a little length I've been STRUGGLING to get a decent twist out. I tried a variety of creams and gels but it seemed like I wasn't doing something right. Anyway, last month my aunt suggested I try this product which is a styling lotion in the form a… Continue reading Twist-Outs ft. Taliah Waajid


Hair Update + New Products

Yeah yeah I know it has been awhile and I haven't updated anything about my hair, but have no fear it's still natural!Β So when we last spoke, I gave you guys all the deets about my current hair affairs aka HEAT DAMAGED. So far, it's gotten better but still far from the best. One of… Continue reading Hair Update + New Products


Repairing Heat Damage on Type 4 Hair

Hey Guys! So as you know my hair growth recently turned one year a month ago, and as a "celebration" I decided to get it straightened;Β BIG MISTAKE. When I say straightened I mean blow dried and flat ironed. I began to regret it when I was in the chair but still followed through, thinking what… Continue reading Repairing Heat Damage on Type 4 Hair


1 Year Type 4 Natural Hair Journey

*round of applause* *drum rolls* Please cue the EXTRANESS. If you asked me two years ago if I'd ever go natural the answer would have probably been NOPE, but look at me now! Natural and loving it! I may not love it everyday, but as I mentioned before it's all a learning process. On this… Continue reading 1 Year Type 4 Natural Hair Journey