An Affordable Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life

Hey guys! I opted out of doing blogmas this year, because I couldn’t commit to 25 Christmas themed posts or posting everyday. Nonetheless, I still wanted to share a gift guide with you guys. Last year I participated in a gift exchange and the limit was USD $20 so I shared a gift guide/wishlist for gifts under $20. This year I wanted to incorporate more … Continue reading An Affordable Gift Guide For Everyone In Your Life

Christmas Wish List // $20 and Under Gifts Inspo

T’is the seasonΒ and it’s time for another Christmas Wish list

So, my coworkers decided to do a Secret Santa within our little clique in the office using Elfster. Elfster is website designed for this kind of stuff; we can all register, create wish lists, shop, and message each other on this platform. PLUS it randomly pairs members up to their Secret Santa. For our little activity we decided on a US$20 (EC$54) limit.

While creating my wish list on the website I thought why not share it here as well? So here we are, my Christmas 2017 wishlist along with other items under $20 to inspire you in your gift giving. These gifts can be given to coworkers as well as friends or family without breaking the bank. It’s the thought that counts!

christmas wishlist!

Tip: Think about something they’re really into/love

We all know how much I love the beach, so of course here are a few beach inspired gifts to start off my list:

Mandala/Beach TowelΒ – $18.99

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