Photo Diary: Palo Duro Canyon

Palo Duro Canyon is located in the Texas Panhandle near the cities of Amarillo and Canyon. It is a state park and was also designated as a world heritage site in 1976. As the second largest canyon in the United States it is known as the Grand Canyon of Texas. This site was chosen as one of our Geology Club’s field trip sites.

During our stay at the park we hiked to the lighthouse which is more or less the symbol of the state park. Generally it takes 2.75 miles to hike from the bottom to the top of the lighthouse, however it took us a little extra. We hiked from our campsite on to the Rojo Grande trail then on to the lighthouse trail, totaling 4 miles.

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How To Guide: The Basics of Camping

Hey Guys! So I recently went camping with my university’s Geology Club, (which I’m a member of) to the Palo Duro Canyon in Amarillo, Texas. At the end of every school year we try to do some form of trip/activity and this was my professor’s choice. It is also the second largest canyon in the United States, can you guess the first? Luckily for me … Continue reading How To Guide: The Basics of Camping