Good Vibes From August

Hey Guys! Before we begin 'September to remember,' let's do a quick recap of August! The months have been flying by rather quickly and 2018 is almost over. August was filled with lots of work activities and minor blog posts; after my successful reach of 1.4K views in April and May I kind of hit … Continue reading Good Vibes From August

Antigua Carnival 2018: A Review of Fetes, Myst Carnival & More

Hey Guys! From fete to fete to fete to mas, you'll be partying non stop. We have pre-carnival fetes as early as May, however if it's one weekend you need to be here for it is the one leading up to parade day. Check out my Carnival Vibes 2017 post to see the comparison. New … Continue reading Antigua Carnival 2018: A Review of Fetes, Myst Carnival & More

2018 Summer Bucket List

Hey Guys! It's officially SUMMER (tomorrow, based on the Summer Solstice). In addition to my 101 in 1001 list there are a few stuff I'd like to complete this Summer. I've realized that even though this year is supposed be me being unapologetic and unstoppable, I haven't been living up to it fully. There were stuff … Continue reading 2018 Summer Bucket List

10 Activities To Do This Summer

Woohoo It's finally Summer. Well, it officially started last week Wednesday with the longest day of the year. By now, school should be out and I know most of you have been looking forward to this season for a time to relax.  Usually on summer vacations however, after the first two weeks when you're all … Continue reading 10 Activities To Do This Summer

Stay-cation // Birthday Weekend

Hey Guys!! So my birthday came and went and all the celebrations are now over. Left up to me I wouldn't have made any plans because I'm not into the big birthday celebrations anymore. My circle definitely got smaller for one, so there's hardly anyone to celebrate with plus nothing ever goes as planned. However, … Continue reading Stay-cation // Birthday Weekend

Do’s + Don’ts of COLLEGE // Tips & Tricks

Hey Guys!! So we're two weeks into school or maybe three; first off congrats on your new journey freshmen and have a good semester, as well as everyone else. Better late than never, but here are a few Do's and Don'ts of College to get you through the 4 years, alongside some Tips and Tricks. … Continue reading Do’s + Don’ts of COLLEGE // Tips & Tricks

Explore SoFlo, Take 2

Ali, Ali, Ali the explorer! Grab your backpacks! Let's Go! Jump in! Vamonos! So after I showed my mom how I spent one of my last days she ended up calling me an explorer. Which resulted in me thinking of  Dora, the explorer hence the opening (lol I'm lame like that). Anyway part two of … Continue reading Explore SoFlo, Take 2