Explore SoFlo, Take 2

Ali, Ali, Ali the explorer! Grab your backpacks! Let's Go! Jump in! Vamonos! So after I showed my mom how I spent one of my last days she ended up calling me an explorer. Which resulted in me thinking of ย Dora, the explorer hence the opening (lol I'm lame like that). Anyway part two of … Continue reading Explore SoFlo, Take 2

Let’s go Cruisin’ – Carnival Ecstasy

As you know I recently graduated college, and as a treat my family decided to take me on a cruise. I probably wasn't as excited as I should've been, because this wasn't my first cruise. It was my third! However, I was looking forward to it, because it also meant 5 days without cleaning, cooking, … Continue reading Let’s go Cruisin’ – Carnival Ecstasy