ATBA Travels | Redonda

Hey Guys!! I can't believe I'm only posting this now, please forgive me. However, last month I had the opportunity to visit Redonda to participate in a restoration project. The island of Redonda exists as remnants of an ancient extinct volcano; it is also politically a part of Antigua & Barbuda. It's currently uninhabited by … Continue reading ATBA Travels | Redonda

Photo Diary // Montserrat

Hey guys, guess who's backkkk!! For those of you that don't know, I went to Montserrat for the Easter Weekend. It's been a long five days with so much to tell, but first I'll get you started on a few pictures from my trip. Then later this week I'll share a few things to do while … Continue reading Photo Diary // Montserrat

Weekend Getaway // What’s in my bag?

Hey Guyyysss Guess what's this weekend........Easter "holiday" That means it's a long weekend (no work Friday and Monday). However, that doesn't matter to me, but for those employed *yay!* This is my first Easter weekend being home since 2012; usually we (my family and I) go camping on one of the neighboring islands. However I … Continue reading Weekend Getaway // What’s in my bag?