Shrimp and Avocado Macaroni Salad

Hey Guys! I'm back again with a really simple recipe, it can be used as a side dish or a full meal depending on your preference. Last Sunday, I wanted to try something different and decided to use items we had around the house. Aiming for something light I decided on a macaroni salad with … Continue reading Shrimp and Avocado Macaroni Salad

30 Minute Meals: Sweet Chili Shrimp

Hey Guys! It's been awhile since you saw a food post, huh? Well, I'm still here in the kitchen whipping it up every now and again. Of course it is midweek, no more Sunday leftovers and you come home from work/school looking for something easy to do; well have no fear 30 minute meals are … Continue reading 30 Minute Meals: Sweet Chili Shrimp