The 24th Chapter – Living Fearlessly

You made it! Remember - all those things you thought you wouldn't get through; all the times you felt like giving up? None of that matters now, you made it through to another year. There may have been goals or plans you didn't get to achieve, but that's the beauty of starting another year. Mistakes made and lessons … Continue reading The 24th Chapter – Living Fearlessly

2018: Unapologetic + Unstoppable

Hey everyone! Happy Monday and an oh so Happy New Year! We made it! It's 2018 and I have a mighty good feeling about this one. 2017 wasn't all that terrible nor was it great; just like any other year it had its ups and downs or more downs than ups. Nonetheless, I remain hopeful … Continue reading 2018: Unapologetic + Unstoppable

Blogmas | A Caribbean Christmas pt 2

Hey Guys! It's nice hearing the different views on how others are celebrating the Christmas season, don't you agree? We started off hearing from two of my blogging buddies in Grenada and Guyana (here); now we're going to hear from three more within the Caribbean region. Chloé-Ana Braidy ~ JAMAICA Blog | Youtube 1 // … Continue reading Blogmas | A Caribbean Christmas pt 2

Celebrating Success (Especially the Small Wins)

As we get ready to enter the new year most of our efforts are on creating new goals and resolutions for 2018, but what about the ones we made for 2017? Matter of fact before we get into that since life doesn't always go as planned, what about your surprise achievements this year? Did your … Continue reading Celebrating Success (Especially the Small Wins)