30 Minute Meals: Fried Chicken Burger w/ Guacamole Topping

Hey Guys!

Back again with another quick and easy meal. As usual a spur of the moment, so I used what I currently had on hand. It was a Thursday night and after a week of eating heavily prepared meals, it was time for some “junk”! I present to you my quick take on a Fried Chicken Burger with Guacamole. Let me tell you now, guacamole makes everything 10 times better.

Suggestion: Use your own discretion as you prepare measurements. I only used two chicken thighs which I cut in half, giving me four pieces of chicken. Continue reading “30 Minute Meals: Fried Chicken Burger w/ Guacamole Topping”

Eat Outs // Garden Grill

Hey Guys!!! Happy Tuesday, I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. Since I returned home last summer I made a list of restaurants I’d love to visit.Β Well, one year later I finally made it to one of my top places. Garden Grill Located at Dutchman’s Bay near the airport, Garden Grill serves as a rather open, friendly, picturesque restaurant. They are open for breakfast, lunch … Continue reading Eat Outs // Garden Grill

Explore SoFlo, Take 2

Ali, Ali, Ali the explorer!
Grab your backpacks!
Let’s Go!
Jump in!

So after I showed my mom how I spent one of my last days she ended up calling me an explorer. Which resulted in me thinking of Β Dora, the explorer hence the opening (lol I’m lame like that).

Anyway part two of my series (and sadly the last for a while) “Explore SoFlo” includes me going bike riding along Hollywood beach boardwalk, visiting BurgerFi and Ben & Jerry’s. It may just be my very first fun-filled day, and I was so close to canceling on my friend. Everything was last-minute and basically planned by me googling stuff to do in the area. (S/O to Google!)

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