The 24th Chapter – Living Fearlessly

You made it! Remember – all those things you thought you wouldn’t get through; all the times you felt like giving up? None of that matters now, you made it through to another year. There may have been goals or plans you didn’t get to achieve, but that’s the beauty of starting another year. Mistakes made and lessons learned. Birthdays aren’t for looking back – they’re for lighting … Continue reading The 24th Chapter – Living Fearlessly

Stay-cation // Birthday Weekend

Hey Guys!! So my birthday came and went and all the celebrations are now over. Left up to me I wouldn’t have made any plans because I’m not into the big birthday celebrations anymore. My circle definitely got smaller for one, so there’s hardly anyone to celebrate with plus nothing ever goes as planned. However, my parents decided to treat me to a weekend at … Continue reading Stay-cation // Birthday Weekend