Discover Antigua: Signal Hill Hike & Beach Day Trip

HEY FRIENDS! I’m finally back with another post in my Discover Antigua series! After the first post in March, I really thought that was it for exploring given the rona (Yes, it is still a thing!). However, our restrictions have since relaxed and we’re basically free to roam with certain guidelines. Ever since the lockdown started, I think more people started used hiking as a … Continue reading Discover Antigua: Signal Hill Hike & Beach Day Trip

ATBA’s Top 10 Beaches in Antigua

Hey Guys! Last Summer, I made a bucket list which involved visiting as many new beaches as possible. Before that, I actually wanted to see how many of the 365 beaches in Antigua I could list. However, things don’t always go as planned. This summer whenever a beach trip idea came to mind, I always attempted to find one I (or my boyfriend) have never … Continue reading ATBA’s Top 10 Beaches in Antigua

Stay-cation // Birthday Weekend

Hey Guys!! So my birthday came and went and all the celebrations are now over. Left up to me I wouldn’t have made any plans because I’m not into the big birthday celebrations anymore. My circle definitely got smaller for one, so there’s hardly anyone to celebrate with plus nothing ever goes as planned. However, my parents decided to treat me to a weekend at … Continue reading Stay-cation // Birthday Weekend