September Roundup + October Goals

Hey Guys! The months have been flying by so quickly that I haven't been able to keep up with these monthly highlights/goals posts. Anyway, I decided to join these two posts together and get rid of the "Currently" I am section. Hopefully this would make it easier and I'd be able to remain consistent. Take … Continue reading September Roundup + October Goals

6 Dreadful Behaviors That Will Destroy A Friendship

Hey Guys! Now that you figured out how to maintain a friendship, what do you do when they start showing "toxic" behavior? Toxic behavior can be anything and it's usually hard to tell at first. More so, you'd probably notice it but refuse to accept it because, hey it's your friend and y'all have a … Continue reading 6 Dreadful Behaviors That Will Destroy A Friendship

September Goals + Mantra of the Month

THE STATS Date/Time: Sept 5th, 3:26 p.m. Feeling: Drained Listening To: Beyoncé - Dangerously in Love album Reading: You are a Badass.....Jen Sincero Should be Doing: Work Missing: Him Wishing: I didn't have to be at work Thinking: About my next protective style Anticipating: My birthday next month GOALS [Last time I did this post … Continue reading September Goals + Mantra of the Month

Good Vibes From August

Hey Guys! Before we begin 'September to remember,' let's do a quick recap of August! The months have been flying by rather quickly and 2018 is almost over. August was filled with lots of work activities and minor blog posts; after my successful reach of 1.4K views in April and May I kind of hit … Continue reading Good Vibes From August

Life in Your 20s: Do People Still Date?

Hey Guys! As you see I have quite a few new categories going on, (Friendships, Life in Your 20s, Currently I Am: Goals & Mantra of the Month etc.) and I'm happy that the focus of my blog is finally highlighting topics I really care about. Today's topic is dating, do people still do that … Continue reading Life in Your 20s: Do People Still Date?

2018 Summer Bucket List

Hey Guys! It's officially SUMMER (tomorrow, based on the Summer Solstice). In addition to my 101 in 1001 list there are a few stuff I'd like to complete this Summer. I've realized that even though this year is supposed be me being unapologetic and unstoppable, I haven't been living up to it fully. There were stuff … Continue reading 2018 Summer Bucket List

6 Things I learned From my First “Real” Job

Hey Guys! Time really flies, eh? Can you believe I've been working for one year already? Last week Wednesday actually made it a year and it didn't dawn on me till midday. My road to gaining employment wasn't an easy one; it took me a year and a half to start working in my field … Continue reading 6 Things I learned From my First “Real” Job

Friendships | Experiencing Different Love Languages

Hey Guys! I'm back again with another Friendship post, this time we're discussing Love Languages. Love languages are basically the best way you receive love as well as show it; not everyone "speaks" the same language. You may think you’re showing love in one way, but it actually doesn’t resonate with your friend that way. … Continue reading Friendships | Experiencing Different Love Languages

June Goals + Mantra of the Month

THE STATS Time: 8:03 p.m. (Friday night) Feeling: Miserable Listening To: Absolutely nothing Reading: You are a Badass ... - Jen Sincero Should be Doing: Out drinking with friends Missing: Nothing Wishing: I was more social Thinking: About the next day Anticipating: My next work trip Loving: The growth of my blog GOALS [Last Month] Contact person for May's blog monthly feature (Check out previous features) … Continue reading June Goals + Mantra of the Month