Emotional Bank Account

Hey Guys! Emotional bank account. What's that? I've never heard of this term before until a couple of weeks ago while I was attending a professional development seminar. It really stood out to me; therefore if you're like me, a newbie to this term don't worry I'll explain it all in a few. Just like … Continue reading Emotional Bank Account

The Happy Wave Project [Free Printable Included]

As I opened the page to write a new post I got a weird sense of Deja Vu, like I've definitely wrote what I'm writing now before. So I opened a new tab and did a quick search of my previous blog posts; lo and behold there it is: Hey April. In that post I … Continue reading The Happy Wave Project [Free Printable Included]

F.E.A.R – A Two Way Street

FACE EVERYTHING AND RISE OR FORGET EVERYTHING AND RUN What are you going to do? We're all afraid of something in life, if you're not....are you even real? We're afraid of insects, heights, dying, public speaking, etc, but with it all we have a decision as to our behavior/outcome.  We can either face our FEARS … Continue reading F.E.A.R – A Two Way Street

Seasons are for a Reason

We all go through things in life, and I think if it's one thing we always notice is nothing lasts forever. The lows we may feel, or a spontaneous high from something exciting; it's all temporary. A Season does not last a lifetime Not trying to be the bearer of bad news here, but it's … Continue reading Seasons are for a Reason

Use Your 9-5 Job to Become a Better Blogger

Whether you said goodbye to the corporate life or you're still slaving for a boss, what has the work world taught you in terms of blogging? Not only do you learn valuable skills which you can transfer into self-employment, but you also develop a base which can progress your blog life. Stay with me for … Continue reading Use Your 9-5 Job to Become a Better Blogger

You Need More Than Motivation – 4 Steps to Becoming Self-Disciplined

Hey Guys! It's Wednesday, #HumpDay! Hope all is well and your week has been going smoothly. We have two more days until the weekend! Technically you should be enjoying each day and not looking forward to Friday as much, but I know how it is! *me saying this after working 11 hours a day* How … Continue reading You Need More Than Motivation – 4 Steps to Becoming Self-Disciplined

2018: Unapologetic + Unstoppable

Hey everyone! Happy Monday and an oh so Happy New Year! We made it! It's 2018 and I have a mighty good feeling about this one. 2017 wasn't all that terrible nor was it great; just like any other year it had its ups and downs or more downs than ups. Nonetheless, I remain hopeful … Continue reading 2018: Unapologetic + Unstoppable