Motivation Monday | When is the Right Time?

Hey Guys!! As usual the days are flying by, and before you know it we will be entering another year. It honestly feels like so much has happened and frightening to know that more is still to come. Time is a funny subject.  It always has been and always will be. We figure “Everything takes time” and also remind others that “Time waits on no man.” It really … Continue reading Motivation Monday | When is the Right Time?

Motivation Monday // “Adulthood is Where Dreams go to Die”

It’s been a while, huh? How do you motivate others when you yourself have no motivation? However, I finally found some and came to share it with you. I don’t know how many of you picked up on the hint in my title what this post would be about. If not, it’s about #GirlBoss; this has been on my reading list for a while now, … Continue reading Motivation Monday // “Adulthood is Where Dreams go to Die”

Motivation Mondays // Mini Life Update

Great things never come from comfort zones.:

As my third and last month of my internship gradually comes to an end I just want to take some time to reflect. Never in a thousand years would I have seen myself working in the oil industry; going through university that’s all everyone thought would be your end job given my major.

I graduated university with a BSc in Geosciences with a concentration in Environmental Science. That’s a pretty broad field if you ask me – Water/Waste management, Environmental Chemistry, GIS, ecology, etc etc and the obvious the Petroleum Industry. However, for me oil just wasn’t an option *due to the health hazards and safety risks*.

I’ve now come to realize that each profession probably poses a hazard/risk at some point and where’s the fun in living life based on fear? As I returned home my options for employment related to my field drastically got smaller, because of this I had no choice but to bite the bullet and apply everywhere. At this point I was in a mindset where I was ready to accept anything thrown at me.

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You Need More Than Motivation – 4 Steps to Becoming Self-Disciplined

Hey Guys! It’s Wednesday, #HumpDay! Hope all is well and your week has been going smoothly. We have two more days until the weekend! Technically you should be enjoying each day and not looking forward to Friday as much, but I know how it is! *me saying this after working 11 hours a day* How many of us need a little “push” in order to … Continue reading You Need More Than Motivation – 4 Steps to Becoming Self-Disciplined

MUST READ: Becoming // Including 8 Inspirational Quotes and My Takeaways

The best-selling book of 2018 which sold near 2 million copies in a few weeks, it’s no surprise that the first book I’ve read for the year was Michelle Obama’s autobiography. Honestly, I had the book since last December but never actually put aside time to complete it. Definitely thankful I found some time this month as it opened so many views to a world … Continue reading MUST READ: Becoming // Including 8 Inspirational Quotes and My Takeaways

Two Major Ways to Stay Out of the Comparison Trap

Hey Guys! I had doubts writing this post because I didn’t want to sound like a stick record or too cliché. This topic is one that has been spoken about CONSTANTLY. Yet, we still do it. Why is it so easy for us to slip into this behavior of comparing ourselves to others? I fell into the comparison trap way too often. The first time I … Continue reading Two Major Ways to Stay Out of the Comparison Trap

F.E.A.R – A Two Way Street




What are you going to do?

We’re all afraid of something in life, if you’re not….are you even real? We’re afraid of insects, heights, dying, public speaking, etc, but with it all we have a decision as to our behavior/outcome.  We can either face our FEARS head on and conquer our worries or we can ditch it all and run for the nearest exit. It’s our choice. Continue reading “F.E.A.R – A Two Way Street”

Post-Grad Life Update

So, it’s been TWENTY TWO months since graduating from university. It’s almost two years!! I think I should stop calling these “Post-Grad” life updates and simply life updates because as much as I don’t want to accept it, I’m an adult now.
No more post-grad! Or can I hold on to it for a little longer???

Quick reminder: I graduated in December 2015 with a Bachelors of Science degree in geosciences with a concentration in Environmental Science. I had a GPA of nobody gives A F*** lol, is GPA really a big deal? Oh, and I graduated from the Midwestern State University #GoMustangs !!


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