Checked In: True Blue Bay Boutique Resort, Grenada

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Grenada is becoming my most visited Caribbean country; this is my third time for the year (with good reason of course). FYI If you haven’t, check out my previous post of what I did in Grenada when I wasn’t working. Click here then come back and finish reading this post!

On this particular visit, I had the responsibility of booking my own accommodation, thus I headed to my favorite site All my previous work travels I’ve done used Booking to source hotels. My favorite thing about them is I can reserve a room without making any payments until I’m physically at the hotel. Another plus is the free cancellation option up to a couple days before your scheduled arrival.

However, in regards to this trip I wasn’t sure what I’d find given how small the island is in relation to the USA or Europe. Nonetheless, there were a few Air BnB options, cottages and then pricier hotels. In between those, I found True Blue Bay Boutique Resort for a relatively good price, but still questionable given the occasion (business). I decided to sleep on it before making a reservation. When I woke up, I got an email from the meeting organizers recommending places to stay and the different rates/amenities etc. Going through the list, there it was: True Blue Bay Boutique Resort for a cheaper price! This time I didn’t hesitate on booking. Let’s see if I made the right choice.

Try saying “True Blue Bay” five times fast! *Tongue Twister? Haha*


The resort is located on Old Mill Road, True Blue Bay in St. George’s Grenada. It is surrounded by lush tropical gardens and overlooks the True Blue Bay. The drive from the airport took less than 10 minutes.

Checking In

I got to Grenada around 9:45. p.m. and caught a taxi to the hotel. When I made the reservation I was told that I would have to pay a deposit. However I realized that the full amount was charged because my stay was for 3 nights. This is the hotel’s minimum for full payments vs. a deposit (this wasn’t communicated prior). Anyway, checking in wasn’t a problem. I had to give them additional information and then I was escorted to my room. At this point I was extremely tired (thanks to LIAT – delayed plus two stops before Grenada).

When booking, I was given the opportunity to choose from four room selections based on price point. For a special rate of $150US I could choose from their newly built Cocoa Pod rooms or True Blue Style and for $202US I could get a Waterfront, Tower or Cocoa Pod suite. Before selecting my choice, I checked out their website to see the differences. (Of course I already knew I wasn’t going for a suite). After viewing the options I went for the newly built Cocoa Pod Room!

Cocoa Pod Rooms

Room Tour

Despite being tired, I mustered up enough energy to check out the room fully and even made a video clip *lol*. When I entered the room, I immediately wished my time in Grenada could be extended (without the work part). I’m a sucker for aesthetics and a few things caught my eye.

First off, these weren’t your basic hotel rooms. It gave me the feel of a personal studio apartment. Equal parts comfort and style, with a highlighted accent wall giving a Caribbean Sea feel.

Cocoa Pod Room at True Blue Bay Resort



  • Yoga Studio
  • Non-motorized sports
  • Children activities
  • Cooking Class
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Optional: scuba diving, yacht charters, spa services


  • Ceiling Fan + A/C
  • Smart TV
  • Kitchenette
  • Solar water heater
  • King bed + pull-out sofa


As mentioned above, I stated that buffet breakfast was included in your stay. It was also something I was looking forward to as it’s a custom for me to indulge in hotel breakfast when traveling because it’s not something I do at home (i.e the whole works – bacon, eggs, French toast, waffles etc). However, to my dismay that wasn’t the case. When I arrived at the restaurant for breakfast I was told they had pancakes and/or eggs, which was prepared in the back then brought to you. I was shocked at first, but then settled for pancakes. On day 2 I had an omelette with toast.

So dinner was a little different, lunch I’m not sure about since I wasn’t at the hotel during that time. From the welcome packet given, as well as seeing their notice board, they have several themed nights during the week (see photo).

On Wednesday I attended their “Street Food Wednesday” which I thought was a very good initiative. It showcases local food vendors which offer authentic Grenadian cuisine to its visitors. Since it’s open to the public you’d have to purchase chits to buy food and then there was a cash bar. By the time we got there it was almost 9 so I didn’t particularly want any heavy food thus I settled for “Dodgy Tacos”. They only had pork and fish so I settled for pork and it was definitely tasty.

Thursday evening I was extremely tired and settled for a pepperoni pizza from Dodgy Docks which I took back to my room. Was it worth it? Not really.


As I mentioned earlier, the participants from the meeting got a special rate given the occassion. I stayed in the Cocoa Pod Room for US $150 per night. has a one night stay at US $184 (prices most likely fluctuate given the time of year).

Upon checking out their website I found that they offer quite a few specials: Summer family vacation, Summer Caricom family vacation, couples retreat, SGU student rate, corporate rate and many more. Found here

Hotel Experience

Being in the environmental field, I was appreciative of their green efforts in the hotel. I witnessed efforts such as recycling bins, educational paraphernalia and upcycled decor used in rooms and around the hotel property.

What I loved most about the hotel (after the room) were the various scenic locations worthy of Instagram shots. While I didn’t take as many pictures as I’d like I would definitely recommend checking them out. These locations can be found: entering Dodgy Dock Restaurant, Rum Shop near the pool and by the Grenada sign pool.

Additionally, the staff were very friendly and pleasant. Overall I’d rate my experience 4.2 out of 5.

The Rum Shop at True Blue Bay, Grenada

Things to Explore Nearby

  • Grand Anse Beach (10 mins)
  • Quarantine Point (15 mins)
  • House of Chocolate (20+ mins)
  • Fort George (20+ mins)
  • Annandale Falls (30+ mins)
  • Grenada High Wire (40+ mins)
  • Grand Etang National Park (40+ mins)

P.S These are estimates given based on if you’re driving

More Information

Website | Address |Phone |Email

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  1. Hi Ali!
    Thank you for the review, I’ve had True Blue on my Caribbean travel wish-list and was supposed to visit this year for my Anniversary in October and then… Ronas lol. After reading your review, I’m more excited for our borders to open to visit

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