The 24th Chapter – Living Fearlessly

You made it!

Remember – all those things you thought you wouldn’t get through; all the times you felt like giving up? None of that matters now, you made it through to another year. There may have been goals or plans you didn’t get to achieve, but that’s the beauty of starting another year.

Mistakes made and lessons learned.

Birthdays aren’t for looking back – they’re for lighting those bright candles and seeing the possibilities dancing brilliantly in each one.

21 was for new beginnings; [To Be Young & Twenty]

22, discovering a new you [22 Lessons From Year 22]

23, you aimed to be unapologetic and unstoppable

so now, what is this chapter called?

The 24th Chapter – Living Fearlessly

Often I’ve let fear stop me from doing the things I really wanted to do. This was because I either didn’t have anyone to do them with or feared they wouldn’t be interested. However, if I keep waiting on folks I may never get those things done, and if I don’t speak up I’d never know the answer.

Living with fear only causes you to miss out on opportunities and be in a constant state of stress/anxiety. That’s why I’m dedicating this year to facing my fears head on so that I can conquer my worries and live life to its fullest.

Always remember, it’s better to try and fail than to constantly wonder “what if”? I don’t want to look back in 10 years with a bunch of “what if” questions or the possibilities of what I should have done.

From a card I received today that I felt really captured my thoughts on this year’s birthday –

Today, I’m wishing you a new sense of faith that there’s a plan for your life with wonderful things in store, and a beautiful sense of hope for the year ahead.

All I ask of you today for my birthday is to share some inspiration to inspire me on my journey and for anyone else who’s reading.

Birthday Girl

Thanks for rocking with me, hope you stick around for my fearless year!




13 responses to “The 24th Chapter – Living Fearlessly”

  1. Happy, Happy birthday to you. 🙂

    You are an epitome of beauty and I celebrate you on this special day of your life. May the lines always fall for you in pleasant places and may the sincere desires of your heart be fulfilled.

    Have a blast and have fun. Cheers to many more brilliant years. 🙂

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