June Goals + Mantra of the Month


Time: 8:03 p.m. (Friday night)
Feeling: Miserable
Listening To: Absolutely nothing
Reading: You are a Badass … – Jen Sincero
Should be Doing: 
Out drinking with friends
Wishing: I was more social
Thinking: About the next day
Anticipating: My next work trip
Loving: The growth of my blog

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[Last Month]

  • Contact person for May’s blog monthly feature (Check out previous features)
  • Read 2 new books (Bad Feminist & You are a Badass….)
  • Grow Pinterest and Twitter accounts by 50 new follows (Stuck)
  • Complete at home workouts twice a week (Failed, what summer body?)
  • Clean out/organize my desk drawer
  • Get rid of clothes/shoes/items I no longer need/use
  • Research ways to improve myself professionally
  • Complete online course(s)

June –

  • Open a savings account for solely saving
  • Identify and contact next person for a feature
  • Go out on at least 2 dates with friends (lunch/brunch/fun activity)
  • Use my planner daily
  • Complete all unfinished goals from last month

I found that when I create goal lists on here I often forget about some of them. So I decided that I should also write these down where I can see them daily to aid in completing them. (That should have been obvious right?)


Mantra of the Month – It’s NEVER too Late to Start Over

Some times things don’t go as planned and we feel as though we’ve failed and there’s nothing left to do. Well, starting over is always an option and should definitely be considered. When one plan doesn’t seem to work out, think about why it didn’t and try it again in a different way.

We’re almost half way through the year, you made it this far even if you’ve been slacking on your new year’s resolutions. Now is the time to look them over, readjust and start afresh. No-one is judging you. Give yourself a second chance to make things right.

For what it’s worth:

It’s never too late to be whoever you want to be.
I hope you live a life you’re proud of,
And if you find that you’re not,

I hope you have the strength to start over.

-F. Scott Fitzgerald


- Aaliyah

12 responses to “June Goals + Mantra of the Month”

  1. I will quite often forget my goals too but I find it helps if I take a screenshot then and save the screenshot as a background on my phone that way every time I open my phone it’s a little reminder I should be working on something

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  2. I just love the way these posts are organized! Loving the mantra because there are a few of my May goals that I didn’t achieve either. I’ve been reading a book called the Slight Edge and one of the things it said is that people become successful by constant course correction. So they might be off course a lot, but they fix it. Using that as motivation because I’m just sitting here stunned that another month has gone by and I didn’t quite get things right. Hope your June goals go really smoothly!

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    • Same!!! Even though May had five weeks I feel like it all just slipped by so quickly. I keep procrastinating then before you know it, it’s another month! Wishing the same for you, we got this! 💖

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  3. I recently made myself a vision/goal board with my goals on them. It was extremely motivational for me and it is on my wall which I cover with other things that motivate me like the poem my younger sister wrote me and my boyfriend has on the wall the things I love about you book I got him for Christmas, so maybe something like that will help?

    I suck at Pinterest. I purely suck and I don’t even like it so I decided to stick with the social media’s that I know works for me!

    You have some really great goals! I hope it works out for you. I am pretty confident I already follow you on Twitter, perhaps a shoutout? DM me and I’ll shout out your page and blog! I already love your blog so genuine words won’t be hard to find!

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    • That sounds really good,I actually have a cork board already that I could use! It was really intended for this purpose but I never got around to it 🙈
      Oh darn! I’m trying not to give up just yet lol
      That’s awesome! Thank you so much, really appreciate it. 💖

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  4. ☹Can I suggest you watch the movie Vacation to cheer you up since you are feeling miserable? 💕
    Also, I have also beeeen trying to gain Pinterest followers, it always just seems so impossible 🙈
    Thank you for this mantra too, it’s important for us to remember to not be hard on ourselves 🌻

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