Twist-Outs ft. Taliah Waajid

Hey Guys!

Ya’ll since my hair got a little length I’ve been STRUGGLING to get a decent twist out. I tried a variety of creams and gels but it seemed like I wasn’t doing something right. Anyway, last month my aunt suggested I try this product which is a styling lotion in the form a mousse. Of course I agreed because I still wanted to master the twist out style. I also watched a video on Instagram from one of my friends and saw that she flat twisted the front of her hair and the back was in single twists so I decided to try it that way. Usually I’d flat twist everything, but when I would take down the twists the back of my hair was always a mess. This could also be from sleeping on my back.

With the new product plus the new format for styling…. YA’LL I THINK I CAME PRETTY CLOSE. The twists were very defined and my hair was looking/feeling moisturized, so I was on cloud 9 (but only for a few days, because it just didn’t last). Tell me what you think.


To be absolutely sure that this was definitely the product for my twist outs I decided to try it again after my protective style. This is also how my hair is currently after a mini trim (below) and wearing braids for a month. After I took out the braids I found the ends of my hair were incredibly dry, so I have to find a way to fix that before I do another braiding style.

Twist Outs

Definition on a twist out


Twist Outs

If ya’ll care:

Outfit: Boohoo
Necklace: Mom’s closet
Bag & Shoes: Charlotte Russe

What’s your best twist out product?

- Aaliyah

10 responses to “Twist-Outs ft. Taliah Waajid”

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  3. shaybelles says:

    So cute! 💖

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  4. Cristina says:

    Your hair looks awesome ! 🙂

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