Currently I Am | May Goals + Mantra of the Month


Time: 9:54 a.m.
Feeling: Hopeful
Listening To: Soca music, Touchdown Jamaica 2018 – Dj Puffy
Reading: Bad Feminist – Roxanne Gay
Should be Doing:
Work reports *bleh*
Going to the gym
Wishing: I could stop procrastinating so much
Thinking: About my plans for the month
Anticipating: My vacation!
Loving: The fact that it’s soon SUMMER

may goals


[Last Month]

  • Complete my immediate tasks for Rotaract
  • Write in my journal, my current feelings as well as my 2018 goals
  • Read the Bible everyday (I started couple plans on
  • Keep up with Duolingo (Spanish & French)It’s an on and off thing, but I haven’t completely given up on this.
  • Read up on hosting and purchase domain (Upgraded my plan on WordPress)
  • Save Save Save Save!!I started the $5 Challenge & I have a separate savings account
  • Get a protective style! (Hair Update: Braided Protective Styles)
  • Get to 450 followers on the blog, 350 followers on IG and 550 followers on Twitter(Still struggling with Instagram)
  • Read 2 new books (The Sun is also a Star & The Alchemist)


  • Contact person for May’s blog monthly feature; haven’t 100% decided who to feature yet. (Check out previous features: Travel & Inspiration)
  • Read 2 new books
  • Grow Pinterest and Twitter accounts
  • Complete at home workouts twice a week
  • Clean out/organize my desk drawer
  • Get rid of clothes/shoes/items I no longer need/use
  • Research ways to improve myself professionally
  • Complete online course



Mantra of the Month – Get Out of Your Head

Too often we live inside our heads and formulate responses to situations before we give them a try. We question everything or automatically think of the worst that could happen. Sometimes, it is us who block our blessings by our preconceived notions. So for this month, I’m urging myself and others to let’s get out of our heads and experience things for what they are. To do this we have to:

1/ Stop Overthinking: Yes, I know we all desperately want to achieve our goals or set plans but we can also ruin them before anything happens. Stop second guessing yourself and start believing in your actions.

2/ Go With the Flow: The best things in life are unexpected/spontaneous . You don’t have to plan out everything because more than usual things don’t go as planned.

3/ Think Positively: Stop worrying and have faith that things will work out in your favor. What’s for you will be for you. Don’t compare your success to anyone else’s, you’ll get there when it’s your time.



Life is tricky baby, stay in your magic.


- Aaliyah


26 responses to “Currently I Am | May Goals + Mantra of the Month”

  1. Love how you structured this, I felt like I got a little peek into your world & your thoughts! I’m really curious about how you made the decision to upgrade your WordPress plan instead self-hosting. I’m currently looking into moving to my own domain but am feeling stuck. I want WordPress plugins, but I’m just not sure which route to take. Self-hosting seems like there’s a big learning curve and a lot of other things, like security, to see about. But it’s cheaper than a WordPress business plan, which is the only one that will let me get plugins. Upgrading my plan feels like there’ll be a lot less of a learning curve and less to manage, although at a much higher cost.

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    • Also, I did a free Instagram course called Instagram Marketing Mastermind by Alex Tooby. I saw decent results from it, and probably still would if I posted consistently (oops). Maybe it’ll help you out too? There’s also a Facebook group for the course that I found to be a great resource. I learned about all kinds of marketing and instagram tools I’d never heard of.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Well your thoughts are the exact ones I had. I was so confused as to who I should use for hosting, kept reading different reviews, the need for extra security n so much more I was overwhelmed. And because I really wanted my own domain mainly I just decided to upgrade with wordpress and see how it goes from there. But I know sooner or later I’m going to want other stuff that aren’t included in the personal plan. It’s a hard choice 😧😩

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  2. I am so inspired by your post! It was right on time. I’m over here evaluating and re-valuating next steps, which is good, but now I think I need to just get out of my own head and let it flow.
    Btw: I’m going to check out the Soca jam you mentioned. I need some new jams in my playlist.

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  3. Instagram Advice: Follow trains, and hashtags. Also, I supplement some followers w/ apps such as Muse.
    Any advice on how I can grow as a new blog?


  4. And just like that i’m inspired to do this for myself. Keep this series going.
    Instagram is hard to get followers that will engage with my page for me.
    Any advice on how to grow your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Will do! Thanks for reading, yeah it definitely is so I’m slowly giving up on it…For my blog I first started off with adding my links to twitter chains and engaging with others. Especially when a particular blog page on twitter does chats or blog post shares. Main thing is finding blogs and engaging with others and they’d return the favor. Hope that helps! xoxo

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      • Thank you! Sorry for repeating the question twice, you can delete that one lol.


  5. I struggle with Instagram too. I have no idea how people grow it at all. This motivation was needed and is greatly appreciated! Congrats on the blog followers! That’s so super awesome! Your list of accomplishments motivated me to strive and push even harder! I’m also hoping to complete two books this month!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Well I’m reading right now “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***” which turns out to be very motivating lol 😂 . And I haven’t decided on a second book yet. And yeah I get a lot of follow/unfollows it’s just annoying idk how people grow that site.

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