It’s More Than JUST Blogging

Hey Guys! Happy Sunday, hope everyone enjoyed their day and ready to tackle a new week. As bloggers, like any other entrepreneurs we always have busy weekends, especially if we’re blogging while working a full-time job or attending school. While blogging may feel like our “calling” I feel like there’s some misconception when this is shared with our friends/family. I can understand that blogging may be something fairly new and most recently the term Influencers, but I’m here to show you that blogging is so much more.

One of the first things you’d hear when you tell someone you’re a blogger is, “so you write your feelings and post them online?” or “you get paid to post reviews online?” I’m pretty sure there are so many other snarky remarks you may receive. But, what people don’t understand is that blogging is also a business and you’re gaining a variety of skills while trying to perfect one.


These skills/jobs include:


If you’re a beginner you probably won’t have the means of hiring a personal photographer to get shots of you. So you have to improvise, which means purchasing your own camera and tripod. Then you have to learn how to use all this equipment on your own, how to pose, find the right lighting/background, photo editing software etc etc.

Graphic Designer/Website Builder

Depending how independent and creative you are, you may want to create your own logo/header for your blog. Plus managing graphics to advertise your posts on different social media platforms. For instance Pinterest and Instagram will require two different types of images to gain viewers. Then there’s building your website and self-hosting, designing themes basically learning a little computer science and programming.


Yeah, I just had to include this term. When you have a large following or engaged with a wide audience it gives you a platform to advertise/sell products. One of the big things stemming from this are brand representatives/ambassadors. However, you can also have influencers who promote well-being, mental health, solo travel and topics in whatever field you may be interested/need advice in.


For some, their blog is their business. It’s their bread and butter which they manage just like how any owner of a company would. There’s also the possibility of starting other businesses through your blog; I know of individuals selling blog paraphernalia, custom-made products and even their services! Services can be e-courses in a field they’re knowledgeable in or it can be consultancy, building/designing websites.

Social Media Management

Do you know there are actual jobs where people get hired to manage a company’s social media pages? Think about all the different platforms, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin’, Twitter etc. Think about the work that goes into growing an audience on all these platforms including engagements.


This should have been first, right? Imagine coming up with content consistently that would benefit or interest your readers? In fact, simply content which you are proud of. Having to edit said content, find suitable images, learn how to format different layouts, the RESEARCH that goes into developing a post. Just think about when you had to write essays for school and the amount of work that went into creating the perfect one.

These are just a few skills; so when someone tells you they’re a blogger don’t downplay their decision to choose this field. Many bloggers invest so much into their craft, whether it involves equipment or courses to improve on their skills. Also, please don’t think blogging is a get rich quick scheme because if you get into it only for the money you probably won’t make it.

It’s not an easy task coming up with content and sharing it with the world.
A simple like/share/comment on a post which you enjoy can go a long way.
Show a little appreciation to a blogger this week!

- Aaliyah

15 responses to “It’s More Than JUST Blogging”

  1. I remember just before I posted my first blog my stomach was in stitches! People don’t understand what it takes for us to share our work with the world ๐ŸŒŽ – Honestly, some people are just not considerate, but we must be great & continue to create๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ

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  2. So Iโ€™m going to play a little devils advocate here lol. For some it is just blogging. I know when I first 15 years ago, even up to maybe 2 or 3 yrs ago, it was just blogging. And I mean, just that. Not photos of my outfits, how toโ€™s, etc, but just writing for the means of writing because it provided me clarity. But now that I am trying to make it a little bit more, itโ€™s everything you said it was up above and more. ITโ€™s WORK, but as long as youโ€™re passionate about it, things will fall into place.

    Nice post!

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    • Okay, I guess I can agree with you there…when you first start its something else until you actually start focusing on it… But there are also people who come into it knowing what they want hmm.. As you said though at one point or another, it’s work! Thanks for reading โ˜บ


  3. This hit home SO much! So much goes into it and a lot of the things my family has said had bugged me as if wanting to be a full time blogger isnโ€™t a real job or something. A LOT goes into it and I love how you broke down all the many different hats you have to wear! Great post!

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