Use Your 9-5 Job to Become a Better Blogger

Whether you said goodbye to the corporate life or you’re still slaving for a boss, what has the work world taught you in terms of blogging? Not only do you learn valuable skills which you can transfer into self-employment, but you also develop a base which can progress your blog life. Stay with me for a minute and don’t think I’m completely nuts.

For any person starting out in the blogging world it would be ideal to quit your job and blog 24/7. However, it may not be financially smart at this point; plus as easy as it may seem BLOGGING IS HARD WORK. So, how has you 9-5 shaped you into a better blogger?



The time says it all; 9 am to 5 pm. Meaning you have to show up on time, and be productive throughout a period of time. Depending on the field you’re in you will also have tasks to complete for a given time. Is anything sounding familiar yet? What about setting tasks list, being organized, learning customer service? Of course you can probably learn all this on your own, but being within an organization and dealing with real life problems just adds to the learning experience.


Working in an organization means TEAMWORK whether you like it or not. You learn how to work with different personalities in order to get a job done. Think about when you’re ready to collaborate with other bloggers on a project, or have to schedule meet-ups or planning a function. You learn more about yourself and how to manage working with others effectively.

As a side benefit you may also begin to foster friendships outside of work. This can lead to motivational support for your creative venture. Work mates and the friends you make also serve as a network and client base, you never know who knows who.


One of the major benefits of having a regular job is the ability to receive a steady income. When you’re just starting out as a blogger/creative you may or may not have the financial  means to purchase the materials needed. By having a greater disposable income you can now purchase new equipment, software, attend trainings and do so much more to market yourself professionally.


When you have a 9-5 and it’s something you’re passionate about, it fuels you even more in your blogging journey. It can help you to inspire others that having both, an awesome career and a thriving side hustle is not a crazy idea. Maybe based on your job you can also teach a few things to your viewers.


What other ways has your 9-5 shaped you in terms of blogging or being a creative?


- Aaliyah


22 responses to “Use Your 9-5 Job to Become a Better Blogger”

  1. I’m not in my 9-5 anymore but it did give me great negotiating skills and excellent time management. Sometimes working from home can be a challenge as there are so many distractions so I do my best to try and ‘turn up’ for work even if that means sitting at the desk in my PJs lol

    Great post!


  2. My friendships that I have gotten from my 9 to 5 have definitely served as the inspiration for my blog. My closest friends and accountability partners have come from my old and new jobs. Some coworkers have positively motivated me by encouraging me and others have negatively motivated me by making me so upset that I knew I needed to do more with my talents than work for someone else forever. Either way, thanks to my job, I have enough motivation to keep at it with my blog!

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  3. GREAT POST! I’ve never really considered these points! When i had a 9-5 it wasn’t something I was passionate about and so that fuelled me to take my blogging even more seriously bc this is something I AM passionate about! This is a fresh new perspective for me- thanks for sharing!

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  4. My 9-5 definitely helped inspire me blog wise. Not in the best way, but more of a boost in getting myself out of that working field and into thing I love doing like freelance writing, blogging, etc. it taught me that I know how to do what I HAVE to do to get my needs.. so when are my dreams gonna become needs enough to do what I have to do to get them? Great post! Loved the points you made!

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