Find Happiness in Yourself NOT “STUFF”

Happy Sunday! How have you guys been?

Happiness is something which we all try to achieve for our little own sanity. To be content, carefree, cheerful, merry, joyful all of that; It would be awesome if we could be happy 24/7 and not worry about anything but that’s just life.

However, many people feel that once they purchase something tangible or get into a relationship with someone, that they will be fulfilled. WRONG! That’s not how it works, or of course you’d be happy for sometime then you’d want something else again and the process repeats.

Instead of relying on “STUFF” for happiness; whether it be a new car, phone, clothes, jewelry etc etc try looking within. True fulfillment can come in so many other ways, here are a few:

  • Minimalism – try living a minimalistic lifestyle; declutter your living space/wardrobe or go full-blown into living with less materialistic objects. Minimalism is said to give you freedom and to help you discover things on a conscious level.  Read:The MinimalistsDeclutter and simplify.
  • Socialize and Experience new things – Spend time with new people, learn about them, try new hobbies with them. You never know what you can learn from people and it may create a new friendship or purpose within you.
  • Gratitude Journal – Start a gratitude journal; where you take note of all the things you’re thankful for.This free printable gratitude journal is an easy way to start your own gratitude habit.
    [Click Here for Printable]
  • Exercise More – We all should know by now how important and beneficial exercising is to our bodies. We get to look good resulting in us feeling better about ourselves. Don’t you feel happier when you work out?
  • Read Blogs/Listen to Podcasts – If you need more ideas on what to do to make you feel happier about life try finding blogs or podcasts online to listen to. When I discover some I’ll be sure to leave a post with a suggestions; as of now check out TedTalks for some inspiration.
  • Find Your Purpose – Some people believe there’s more to life than simply following the norm. There’s a higher purpose and a reason for us all being here, when you discover your purpose for being here you will indeed feel happier about life. It could be anything and that is the beauty of it all.


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  1. Jomy J says:

    Agree with all these. Thanks for emphasizing the importance of finding happiness with ourself, and especially the last point about finding your purpose. I’ve written about the latter in my website on how to find it because the topic is so important.
    Looking forward to your post about great podcasts to listen to.

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  2. ieshalwilliams says:

    There are so many amazing points in this post. I currently incorporate many of these strategies in my life, and I am currently working on my minimalism. I feel so much better when I declutter, both literally and physically. Thank you for this post and good luck in 2018!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. astoldbyali says:

      Awesome! Thank you so much for reading & same to you 🌸


  3. CherishingFLo says:

    I really enjoyed this. Especially the bit about Gratitude journaling. That’s really awesome 👏🏾

    Liked by 1 person

    1. astoldbyali says:

      Thanks for reading! 😊

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  4. This post was for me. Not that I try to find happiness in stuff per say but I tend to be a people pleaser which was detrimental to me, so I made it a mission to find myself and do more for me.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. astoldbyali says:

      That’s great! Thanks for reading and sharing xoxo


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