Blogmas Day 1 // Welcome

Ahhhh it’s finally Christmas season! Well, to be honest I’ve been in the mood for quite sometime (aka after thanksgiving). I don’t know what it is about Christmas that makes me feel so happy and excited; it’s not even about getting gifts (I don’t anymore) but the all around good mood is amazing.

Anyway, this is my “fourth” year blogging and I’m deciding to give Blogmas a second try! Yes, I tried it for my first last year but didn’t complete all the days. Plus I was and still am only doing 12 Days of Blogmas. For those of you who are unsure about what “Blogmas” is, it’s practically blogging for Christmas where bloggers will upload a variety of Christmas related posts. It can be from the beginning of December until Christmas or from 13th until. Youtubers also participate by calling it vlogmas.

Here’s a little recap of last year’s blogmas:

#Blogmas Day 1 : Holiday Wish List
#Blogmas Day 2: Cheesecake Recipe
#Blogmas Day 3: Christmas Movies
#Blogmas Day 4: Christmas Tag
#Blogmas Day 5: DIY Christmas Crafts

I hope you’re excited as I am for Christmas and stick around for this year’s ATBA take on Blogmas. I will be trying something different away from the generic blogmas post ideas and I hope you enjoy.

Welcome to ATBA’s BLOGMAS

Merry Christmas!

Posts will be up each day at 12:00 P.M./ Noon (GMT-4)

Stay Tuned!!




ATBA 2017 wrap up


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  1. alayshasw11 says:

    This sounds like fun! Lol


    1. astoldbyali says:

      Lol, we’ll see how it goes

      Liked by 1 person

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