Let’s Talk // Being a HATER

As I enter another year of life and we prepare for a new year (2018) I took a step back and began to analyze my life. Is it going how I planned? Did I achieve my goals/dreams? Am I becoming the person I want to be? Am I happy with myself? etc etc. Then, it crossed my mind how throughout this year I was being called a hater for my views on certain topics. Whether it was how someone was dressed, what they liked, how they acted or what they chose to do with their life. I had to stop and ask myself, when did I become that person?

lets talk

How did I go from the person who cared about what other people thought of me to one who had negative comments about everything. I wouldn’t say I’m an internet troll *I keep it in the group chats*, but I’ve definitely been caught sipping on some haterade. At least that’s what it looks like to other people, but maybe my opinions just differ from everyone else?

Or was I simply being insecure about myself? Jealous that these people seemed fearless and free from what the wold had to say…. Feeling envious at the thought of others progressing in life and not quite sure where I stood. Why was I comparing myself? Or was I/am I just that sad and miserable? Where do you draw the line between jokes and full on “hating”?

Even though at times it will seem like some people are doing the absolute most and I can’t see why people adore these things *based on comments*. I also have to remember we are all different and what I like doesn’t mean someone else will like it and vice versa. That’s just how the world works.


So, if you ever come to the realization that maybe you’re sipping on too much haterade:

Take a step back and check yourself ~ figure out why you feel this way and find your solution. Change if you have to.

Talk to a friend or have them give their opinion on the matter. Hearing it from friends definitely made me feel a type of way.

Use their “greatness” as motivation ~ push yourself to achieve your own goals and be the person you want to be. Live shamelessly.

Learn to have some gratitude ~ be grateful for what you have going on in your life.

It’s waste of energy/time ~ find something else you could be doing with that time/energy.

Make a conscious decision to become a better person

What do you truly want out of life?

How do you guys feel about haters?
Have you ever felt yourself hating on people unnecessarily?
What do you think causes that?

Let’s Talk!




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