22 Lessons from Year 22

It’s almost the beginning of my “Jordan Year” (October 24th).  However, before I welcome it with open arms I wanted to share a few lessons I learnt throughout my 22nd year *Including previous years*


  1. You are NOT entitled to anything – No matter who achievements you may have made along the way, that doesn’t make you better than anyone else. Work hard for what you want. No-one is going to hand you anything on a silver platter.
  2. You can’t change people – Either learn to accept them for who they are or simply move on. This goes for relationships as well as friendships. Constantly being reminded of this and trying to make it stick in my head.
  3. Stand for something or fall for anything – What do you believe in? You don’t gotta follow the crowd. You were born to stand out!
  4. Be wary of who you share yourself with intimately – Being intimate with someone is definitely a major feeling. Sometimes we take it for granted and not realize how much of us we’re actually giving to the other person. Always get to know someone before you make any decisions and make sure it’s what you want, and won’t regret after sobering up *tbh*.
  5. Mother always knows best – I’m sure this is one we’ve all been hearing for a very LONG time. It is true and will forever be true. They just know!!


  6. You can be anything in this world, but do NOT be ungrateful – At some point in your life people made sacrifices for you to be where you are. Stop looking at what you don’t have and appreciate what you do.
  7. Take what you can get now, till you get what you want – In relations to any opportunities that you may be presented with, you never know where it may lead you. Take it. Grow your connections. Learn some other skills. Everything takes time.
  8. You can’t change the past, learn to let go – Cliche, but golden. “Let go, and let God.” Stop holding grudges. Stop holding on to old things, embrace change and grow.
  9. Don’t settle – Whatever you may choose know when it’s time to move on. If it no longer challenges you or teaches you new things it’s time for change. Not even gonna talk about relationships here, ya’ll should know.
  10. Say yes to the things that scare you – Ya’ll read that Shonda Rhimes book, Year of Yes. Another cliche, but golden quote: Nothing good ever came from a comfort zone. How you expect to break barriers and be seen?


  11. Niggas ain’t shit – LMFAO, we needed some humor in this list, no? Don’t worry I still love ya’ll fellas, but damn. This isn’t even only from a personal view on men I’ve chosen but other relationships I’ve witnessed.
  12. Self-care is necessary – Chile!! Take care of yourself. IF you’re down and out you can’t do anything. Can’t reach that goal, everything gets set back. Take breaks, a lil TLC, some alone time, meditation, journaling, whatever self-care means to YOU.
  13. Health is important – Just because you’re young doesn’t meant you’re immune to illnesses. Take care of yourself. Go to the doctor. Take your vitamins.
  14. Experience vs Money (work life) – Money makes the world go around. It comes and it goes, but what about all the skills you would have learned? Not saying to settle for something that definitely won’t support you but passing up on offers because you think it’s not the best….Hmmm. There’s always the possibility of a raise.
  15. Don’t need alcohol to have a good time – Everyone thinks you need a drink or two to enjoy a party: WRONG. There’s nothing wrong if maybe you need to loosen up a bit, but know your limit.
  16. Be patient with yourself + hair – Natural life ain’t easy. I’m sure all my fellow naturalistas know this. When you follow a youtube tutorial and it turns out nothing like what you see. Take some time and learn the ropes. Every product doesn’t work for everyone. Be patient with yourself as well; yes you got those goals and dreams to achieve, keep working and you will.


  17. Just gotta live your life and do you, life’s too short – Stop worrying about what other people think. Do what makes you happy.
  18. A few good people > a large circle/clique – Never been one to have a large amount of FRIENDS and I also don’t think I need it.
  19. Actions > words – Stop telling me you’re going to do xyzzy and SHOW me. I’ll believe it when I see it.
  20. Try everything at least once – Remember what I said about comfort zones? This includes foods as well.
  21. Perfection doesn’t exist – No-one/anything is going to be perfect, there is going to be a flaw. Stop striving for an impossible standard and stressing yourself out along the way.
  22. Consistency is key – Had to end with the clichest of them ALL!! Truth be told.





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