Currently I Am…. | Pt 1


Hey Guys!! Hope all is well. Lately, I’ve been experiencing writer’s block and unsure of which direction to take my blog next. Nonetheless I thought of this post which I’ve been seeing quite a bit on other blogs. Basically it’s a mini life update post *which I’ve also been meaning to do since my first post-grad blog post*.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Currently, I am….

Wearing Business casual clothes five days a week as opposed to the polo, jeans and lab coat/overalls I was wearing at the beginning of the year. Yes, I got a new job! I’m no longer a Laboratory Technician but rather a Technical Data Consultant. Sounds fancy right??

Listening to – I hardly ever listen to new music or albums; if I’m bumping any type of music it’s a mix from Dj Private Ryan or Chromatic Live.

Admiring – Fellow individuals who graduated with or before me as they make a name for themselves in which ever industry they chose. As well as those working towards a greater good. It’s nice to see young people doing more with their lives.

Determined to – Make a name for myself, both in my field of work and in the blogging world. Also just in general, I want to be known for something good.

Watching – The Blacklist on Netflix, Power and Game of Thrones *ultimately the best show on television #TeamArya* Who’s ready for the finale??

Craving – Starbucks, if it’s one thing I definitely miss from America it’s the frappuccinos.

Excited to – Go on my first work related trip *internationally*. I’ll definitely be updating you guys as time gets closer. I’ll also try to sneak in a few adventures to post about.

Reading – Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. Yes I’m still on it!!

In need of – New people to hang out with that have similar interests to me. Where or how do I find them though?

Anticipating – My birthday. I always get excited around this time but as it boils down to the day it’s like blah whatever. I also want to do something special or exciting this year.

Happy about – My new job, although some days I rather just sleep in; this field of work has opened me up to so many different things.

Hoping – Something spectacular happens in my life next year. Just thinking about goals to set for the new year and I was completely lost/blank.

Inspired by My dreams for the future. Simply thinking about where I am now and where I want to be.

Planning to Make the best of the last few months left in 2017 *as hard as that may be*.

Regretting – Hmm, not sure.

Loving – The island life, I know you can tell by how many beach posts I make on IG.

Missing – Florida. Even though I just said I’m loving the island life there’s a few things I miss about living in Florida/Texas.

Feeling – Moody. The usual with me, one day sad/miserable other days just okay.

Grateful for – My family. I may not show it as much as I should but just being surrounded by them at certain times makes a difference.


There you have it, quite an update on where I am currently in life and thoughts of what’s to come. I love making lists like these or rather organizing my thoughts in this process; it shows things in a simpler view. Hopefully, I can always look back on these posts and reevaluate my life from time to time.

What are you guys currently up to?

Let me know in the comments!!




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  1. chigoblogs says:

    I love reading your posts


  2. I love this! Excited to see what’s next

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